Brown University-St. Stephen's School Pre-College Program in Rome

    This three week session is a joint pre-college summer program offered by St. Stephen's School and Brown University, and is open to students between16 and 18 years of age.

    The program fully immerses students in the study of Rome and Italy's history and culture. All students are enrolled in one core course, a language class (either Beginning or Intermediate Italian), and one elective course.

    Summer 2014 core courses include Introduction to Ancient Rome, and Secrets & Symbols of Roman Art & Architecture: Renaissance through the Baroque. The 2014 elective courses may include Digital Photography, Music Appreciation, Drawing, Italian Cinema, and Creative Writing.

    Student exhibitions will be held at the conclusion of the summer school session. This program's weekend trips include visits to Pompeii and Sorrento in the south of Italy, as well as cities in the north including Siena, Florence and Orvieto.

    Summer 2014 program dates: July 20 - August 9. Students wishing to apply to this program (as boarding students) should apply via the Brown University website, at:

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