Join Us on Tuesday, September 26th from 5:00-7:00 pm for Peter Rockwell's Farewell Party in the Cultural Center

Please join us next Tuesday, September 26 from 5-7:00 pm to celebrate former SSS faculty member and board of trustee Peter Rockwell’s fond farewell. After nearly a lifetime in Italy, Peter is saying farewell to dear friends and the St. Stephen’s community before he heads to the United States to join his family.





5:00 PM -7:00 PM


This will be a memorable evening for all and will feature a selection of art and sculpture from Peter’s gallery here in Rome, music by Trevor Pilling, good wine and plenty of food!  


We hope you will be able to share in this unforgettable send-off for a treasured member of the St Stephen's family. 

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Michael Stannus Memorial Service, Saturday, September 16 at 10:30am

In Loving Memory of Michael Stannus

Michael Stannus Memorial Service

Saturday, September 16, 2017


St. Stephen's Chapel


It is with great sadness that I share the news of the passing of longtime St. Stephen's community member, Michael 

Stannus.  Michael died on, May 31, of natural causes.  We received the news from his wife, Mariella.


Michael joined St. Stephen's in 1972, landing a post as Boarding Head and teacher "on the day I was morosely finalizing the details of the trip back [home] to Australia."  He served twenty years as teacher, Boarding Head, Director of Studies, Assistant Headmaster and Headmaster of the school, concluding his tenure in 1992.  He oversaw the introduction of the IB program at St. Stephen's, a shift that fashioned the school we enjoy today.  Of our school Michael once remarked, 


"Over fifty years, St. Stephen's has shaped students' minds and helped inform decisions that affect the rest of their lives. 

Yet most of us, both students and teachers, as we look back over our years at the School, are aware that one of the most valuable aspects of our experiences has been the lasting friendships it has helped us generate.  In this I find I am no exception, and I am grateful."


In recent years, Michael extended his connection with the school by attending concerts and events, contributing richly to the 50th Anniversary celebration, linking us with the non-profit 

Emergency (for which he volunteered), and, most endearingly to these eyes, regularly coming to the Cortile to learn Spanish from one of our teachers - a living testimony to lifelong learning.


His legacy was of such magnitude that the Board of Trustees established a permanent faculty prize, the "Michael Stannus Excellence in Teaching Award", an annual award "recognizing a member of the faculty who reflects the high standards and commitment to working with young people which exemplified Michael Stannus' contribution."


We are honoured to remember a truly gentle and noble soul, during a memorial service that will take place in September. 

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St. Stephen's School to Host International Math Competition, March 9-11, 2018

St. Stephen's School in Rome will host the International Schools Mathematics Teachers Foundation Junior Match Competiion in Spring 2018.  Over two hundred students and coaches from around the world are expected to attend one of the most challenging competitions for eleventh graders. 


If you are a teacher or math coach and are interested in your school participating, please click on the link below to register, or email the contest coordinator's assistant, Catherine Smith at


ISMTF Junior Mathematics Competition. Register now! 

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