Welcome to College Night 2018!

Grade 11 parents and students will join college counselors Jack Shull and Katherine Young for a university information evening this Thursday, Feb. 1 at 7:30 in the St Stephen's Auditorium.
The evening program will be devoted to presenting an overview of the university search and selection process and the college counselors will provide information on how to look for universities, review timelines and deadlines for the coming 12 months, and introduce the new 'Universal Destinations Platform' called Unigrog.
As the university search and application process involves the student, their parents and the counselor the roles each play will be discussed. Also, there will be a panel of Grade 12 students talking about their experience of searching for and applying to universities.
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St Stephen's at the History Bee and Bowl in Monza on 11 November!

Congratulations to Giorgia (grade 9), Andres (grade 11), Eric, Fabio, Julien, Lucas, Maysara and Pascal (all grade 12) for their achievements at the International History Bee and Bowl of Northern Italy held at the International School of Monza on 11 November. Both St Stephen's teams rocked in the preliminary rounds of the Bowl. Our B team won all rounds. Our A team only lost against our B team. They then both lost the semi-finals against teams they had beaten earlier in the day. Giorgia reached the last eight in her age category of the Bee (the individual competition), as did Fabio, Julien, Maysara and Pascal. Pascal won the bronze medal. Our students qualified for the finals with two teams so the students, all members of the History Club, will get ready for those now. The finals will most likely be held in Sweden in May or June.

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Why We Take Trips

As Head of School, I often say to the students that it would be far easier to lead a school without trips.  They are complex, expensive, and require a great deal of effort.  However, trips are essential to the identity of St. Stephen’s and have been from the school’s inception.  


Trips allow mixing with students with whom they don’t usually interact.  Leadership opportunities implicit in any trip, and trip leaders know how to encourage students to seize those moments.  As adults, we know that trips engage other parts of ourselves — our imagination, our awe, the joy of discovery, our place in nature.


And trips force us to view the world anew, often from the vantage point of someone quite different from ourselves.  We may learn or hone a new skill — scuba diving, or oration, or drawing the human figure.  We’ve even had students choose their university major based on the experience of a school trip.  Trips change the way we perceive the world, and therein lies their power.

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