Come to Our Next Flashbach Concert on Friday, April 21st!

Throughout the year St. Stephen's senior Yi Chen and his Flashbach group organize several classical music concerts for the community to raise money for the Tchukudu kids orphanage in the Congo, a nation that has been ravaged by war for decades. 


In the years that the St. Stephen's community has been involved with the orphanage, proceeds rasied throught the academic year have gone to support the building of additional classrooms, a kitchen, bathroom facilities, as well as the donation of other vital supplies. 


Dr. Helen Pope, Director of the Lyceum and founder of the St. Stephen's Service Program, travels to the Congo every year against travel bans warning of severe security risks in the region, in order to bring badly needed supplies and funds to approximately eighty orphans whose parents lost their lives in the country's ongoing conflict.


We hope you will be able to support this worthy cause and attend the next Flashbach concert coming up on Friday, April 21st from 6:30-7:30pm in the School's auditorium.



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Celebrating Internationalism at St. Stephen's with an Evening Devoted to Sri Lanka!

St. Stephen's staff and students organized a beautiful and memorable evening dedicated to bringing a delightful cultural experience to the St. Stephen's community. On Tuesday, faculty, staff, students and friends gathered in the Cultural Center to sample culinary delicacies from Sri Lanka and learn more about the culture through a gorgeous live dance performance and the film, Dheepan.



And it was all for a good cause!  Proceeds from ticket sales for this special dinner and movie will go toward supporting the blind and deaf children of the Neth Savan Sarana Hostel, with whom St. Stephen's students work during their summer service trip to Sri Lanka.  


Cultural exchanges offer exceptional opportunties to explore and also celebrate internationalism. It is something that makes our community stand out from many others in that we have direct access to students, staff and faculty from around the globe.  


Make sure you check out our Facebook and social media pages to see more images from this very unique experience.  

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