SSS Students Organize a GoFundMe Campaign for a Refugee in the Congo

As a follow up to last week's presentation of "Refugees: Displacement and Survival" photo exhibit in the cultural center, courtesy of Jonathan Dumont, St Stephen's School parent and Head of Television Communications, United Nations World Food Program.  Mr Dumont has made event organizers and SSS Refugee Committee members aware that a child in one of his photographs is in need of immediate assistance.  So moved by this young girl's plight, Jon Dumont has written the following appeal. If you are interested in donating, information may be obtained by clicking on the link below. 


Dear Friends,
Being one of the selfish stone hearted damned people who spend too much time going from war zone to war zone, I don’t usually do this sort of thing so, pls forgive any awkwardness. Despite my job, I am not one to reach out to friends to solicit funds. My personal satisfaction from capturing and disseminating the images of the people WFP is trying to help comes from sharing the stories of people who would otherwise be forgotten. But, in September I met Mbuyi in a clinic in the Kasai region of DR Congo where thousands have been killed and over 1 million have fled their homes due to hunger, fear, hate, power, greed and all the other stupid reasons people find to kill each other.
Mbuyi is 15 and was shot in the leg when her village was attacked in March. She is alone. She has not seen her parents since the attacks. She will lose her leg and then her life if she doesn't get treatment soon in Kinshasa. It will cost $10,000. The amazing kids and faculty at St. Stephen's School Rome have set up this GoFundMe page:

If you can spare some hope for the holiday maybe you can share it with Mbuyi!
(Feel free to share this too)

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Casa Di Andrea Christmas Gifts on Sale During Winter Arts Program

We hope to see you for the St Stephen's Annual Winter Arts Program and if you are looking for holiday gift ideas, students will be selling adorable Christmas gifts during the show. So, if you can, try to arrive early to get first dibs on all the holiday items on sale from Casa di Andrea! 



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