Winter Arts Program, Wednesday, December 6 from 7-10pm

Join the students and faculty of St Stephen's for their annual Winter Arts Progam, which gives students of the arts a chance to display their capabilities--whether it is through painting, sculpture, drawing, singing, dance or drama, St. Stephen's students sure do have talent! 


Wednesday evening's performance takes place in the School Auditorium.  In the Cortile, during the show, you can find items on sale from Casa di Andrea, an organization that works with terminally and seriously ill children. 

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Congratulations to Creative Writing Teacher Moira Egan on Prestigious Award!

Moira Egan and Damiano Abeni won the 4th edition of the Benno Geiger Poetry Prize by the Giorgio Cini Foundation for their translation of Charles Wright's work "Donzelli Poesia".  


The "Benno Geiger" Poetry Translation Prize in 2017 is a prize established in 2014 by the Giorgio Cini Foundation in memory of the Austrian Literature Benno Geiger, whose literary fund for years has been preserved and valued on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore. Moira Egan and Damiano Abeni won with a translation of the work "Italy" by Charles Wright (Donzelli Poesia) and a cash prize of 4,000 euros.


Moira Egan e Damiano Abeni vincono la quarta edizione del Premio per la traduzione poetica “Benno Geiger” indetto dalla Fondazione Giorgio Cini con l’opera “Italia” di Charles Wright (Donzelli Poesia).


il Premio per la traduzione poetica “Benno Geiger” 2017, riconoscimento istituito nel 2014 dalla Fondazione Giorgio Cini in memoria del letterato austriaco Benno Geiger, il cui fondo letterario da anni è conservato e valorizzato sull’Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore. Moira Egan e Damiano Abeni hanno vinto con la traduzione dell'opera “Italia” di Charles Wright (Donzelli Poesia) un premio in denaro del valore di 4.000 euro.

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Keats-Shelley House Poetry Prize Awarded to St Stephen's Tenth Grade Student Cristina Rizzo!

Congratulations to St Stephen's tenth grader Cristina Rizzo for having won one of the prestigious Keats-Shelley House Poetry Prizes this year in the category Poems in English age 14-18. This award comes on the heels of her having won one of the two Poetry Prizes conferred by the St. Stephen's Arts Department, as well as three Scholastic Writing Awards this year! That's quite an accomplishment! The award ceremony takes place tomorrow, June 6th, at Piazza di Spagna.


Cristina's poem for which she won the Keats-Shelley House Poetry Prize is below. 


Cristina Rizzo


                 After Wilfred Owen


Spleens are thrust on the ground,

While legs squelch through

Lakes of cardinal red.


Rough metals clank and cut

Through clumps of contracting

Muscles, tissues.


Blades taste like ice

On the shivering skins

Of those


Who’ve feebly fought

For fathers

For fatherlands


Which few will

Fail to satisfy

And exalt.


While out will come others,

Not braver men,

But perhaps on better terms with chance,


Who’ll lie, alive, in luscious,

Luxurious praises and gains

But whose minds will have broken.


Therefore I give these words

To whoever lies in the mud,

Both in the body and in the mind.

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