Residential Assistant (RA)

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We are currently seeking a Residential Assistant. His or her role is to help to create a supportive community in the boarding dormitory, as well as perform additional responsibilities for the school. RAs reinforce safety and order within their dorm, mentor boarders as they adjust to and manage independent living, support academic progress and personal growth, and promote a positive atmosphere.  In addition to their residential role, RAs also serve a primary function in the school's operation (e.g., lab assistant, library, coaching, limited teaching, Writing Center, special projects).


General Responsibilities:

  • On duty twice a week 6pm-1130pm
  • On duty two weekends a month, from Friday 5pm thru Sunday 1130pm
  • Other responsibility assigned by Head of School, approximately 30 hours/week
  • Support 4-6 advisees


Residential Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the daily running of the floor, modeling positive communal living behavior and holding students to this standard
  • Live on the hallways and help regulate student behavior according to accepted standards and school rules and regulations e.g. curfew, lights out, etc.
  • Work with boarding faculty to maintain a hygienic, functional, comfortable and ethical atmosphere in the dorms (mentoring & role modeling)
  • Create and deliver (with faculty support) a program of social, cultural and sporting day and weekend activities for boarders aimed at enhancing their experience of Rome and Italy and keeping them healthy
  • Be available to speak with students, to offer extra help, and to intervene when needed 
  • Communicate with colleagues and parents as needed, in a timely manner
  • Participate in community building activities
  • Follow school guidelines and enforce school rules and policies – this includes liaising with advisors about students' well-being, reporting students who engage in misconduct, detailing any incident in a report and communicating this immediately to the Boarding Head
  • When needed, accompany students to medical and other appointments
  • Attend weekly community night dinners 
  • Attend one (or more when needed) weekly dorm faculty meeting
  • Attend mandatory boarding trips and activities


Living Arrangement and Benefits:

  • Housing during school months in a corner room on the dormitory floor, with an adjacent private bathroom
  • 21 meals per week
  • Other benefits, like medical care, as detailed in the Faculty & Staff Handbook

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