The great strength of St. Stephen's is its sense of tradition, its atmosphere of trust and integrity, and its environment of warmth, collaboration and respect for all. These principles are the foundation of a supportive and healthy environment – one in which students thrive, value learning, and develop the skills, self-confidence and maturity they will require in their adult lives.

Weekdays at St. Stephen's

St. Stephens’ has a rotating schedule with classes in A through J periods. The first group, A through G, meets three times per week - 1 forty-five minute class and 2 ninety-minute classes (note: IB 2nd year classes follow a slightly different schedule.) Most academic classes meet during the A through G periods.


The second group of classes, H, I and J, meets Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for an hour and fifteen minutes each. On offer during these three blocks are most art and music classes, Theory of Knowledge, Choices (9th and 10th grade), Creative Writing, and Computer Science.


All Boarders on Campus Nights or Weekends (ABOCs)

In order to build community throughout the year, there are certain weekends and nights built into the schedule in which all boarders sleep on campus. These include: semester one and two orientation weekends and single evenings throughout the year where students and faculty enjoy a special dinner and activities. Additionally, in order to support health and promote rest for the boarders, there are other weekends and nights built into the schedule in which all boarders sleep on campus. This information is given out at the beginning of each semester. It will also be posted in the Orientation and Special Activities information and sent to parents in the weekly newsletter. We ask that parents coordinate travel plans so as not to overlap with these dates.


Free Periods

During the academic day, 11th and 12th grade boarders may, if they are free, return to their rooms. 9th and 10th grader boarders have a study hall or Physical Education during any free periods during the academic day, A through G periods. If they have a free period in H, I or J, they may return to their rooms.

Weekends at St. Stephen's

Weekends give students opportunities to explore Rome and Italy, spend time with friends and family, rest and study. Each semester the boarding department offers a number of weekend trips. We visit Naples, Florence and Venice, as well as other locations of interest to students and faculty. There is an annual ski trip at the midterm break, and in recent years, there were additional boarding trips to Bologna and Milan, and an olive harvesting excursion to Umbria. In addition, St. Stephen’s offers school-wide trips in both autumn and spring.

Each weekend, the boarding faculty offer activities as well. These might include a visit to a local museum or archaeological site followed by gelato or a granita. We celebrate the food of Rome whenever we can – a Friday night gelato crawl, a Saturday afternoon wander to Monti for panini, or a Sunday midday visit to the local farmer’s markets for porchetta sandwiches are favorites.


We might offer walking tours, bowling outings, rock climbing or a beach trip when the weather is warm. At school, a BBQ on the terrace, games night in the dining hall or movie night in the lounge are frequent happenings. The boarding prefects lead excursions as well – a Testaccio food crawl, an all-boarding capture the flag game, a day at the beach, and a soccer game at Stadio Olimpico have recently been offered.

  Daily Schedule   After School Schedule
8.30-8.15 Breakfast 18.20-19.00 Dinner 
8.30  Classes begin 19.00-21.00 Study Hall (Sunday through Thursday)
10.00-10.30  All-school meetings Mondays/Fridays 21.00-21.55  Free time to study, play soccer or relax
12.00-13.20 2 lunch periods 22.00   Students return to their dormitory floors
14.00-15.45 Classes end 22.30 Boarders are in their rooms, big lights out
16.00-17.30 Activities, sports and arts classes    


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