The full Academic Integrity Policy Form must be signed by both students and parents before being returned to the relevant staff member.


The St. Stephen’s School community, through its commitment to good practice in teaching,
learning and assessment, views academic integrity as essential to academic achievement
and personal growth. The principles of academic integrity pave the way for independent and
responsible intellectual inquiry as well as self-exploration. Academic integrity is directly
linked to our core values integrity, independence and scholarship.

Community Learning Expectation

Students come to St. Stephen’s School from a variety of backgrounds with different
understandings of and training in academic values. It is the responsibility of the school to
promote academic integrity and to ensure students understand, embrace and follow its
principles. A St. Stephen’s School graduate is a student who values and practices Academic
Integrity and is thus prepared for success at higher education.

Definition of Academic Integrity

Academic integrity at St. Stephen’s means that community members
● produce their own work for submission in any form
● understand the importance of authorship and authenticity in their research
● properly reference the intellectual and creative property of others
● conduct themselves according to the rules of examination
● undertake their part of group work appropriately


View the full Academic Intergrity Policy here, take time to read through carefully before signing and returning to the school...

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