Why Choose Us

Excellence. Done Differently.

Since 1964, St. Stephen's School has dedicated itself to shaping the futures of its students who have gone on to build flourishing careers and assume leadership roles in their respective fields around the globe. In addition to a rich education and varied co-curricular activities, here are a few of the other reasons parents and students choose us.

We Focus on Internationalism and Global Citizenship
Our internationally-minded community aims to foster a thoughtful sense of global citizenship in our students. We value the American roots of the school; we embrace Rome as our location, in both its historical and contemporary dimensions; and we are global in our outlook, both in terms of our active interest in histories, cultures, languages and belief systems from around the world, and in our personal awareness of the global impact of our actions. We welcome students, faculty and staff from all backgrounds and believe that every one of us contributes in equal measure to the evolving cultural fusion that makes St. Stephen’s special.

We Use Rome As Our Classroom
We are the only English language high school in the historic center of Rome, which enables us to use the Eternal City as our classroom every week. With Rome’s cultural wonders everywhere, students engage with their surroundings through field trips, visits to archeological ruins, the catacombs, the omnipresent fountains, and the richly varied museums. 

We Are the Oldest IB School in the Country
We have a proud tradition of academic excellence and bring all the best elements of international education traditions to our students. In 1975, St. Stephen’s was the first school in Italy to offer the International Baccalaureate program. Since then, our graduates have consistently ranked in the top percentile of IB exams including obtaining perfect scores of 42 and the highest IB scores in the history of the school in recent years.
World-Class Professionals Comprise Our Faculty
St. Stephen’s employs award-winning, authors, playwrights, researchers, accomplished musicians, scientists, and professionals in various sectors who have distinguished themselves in their respective fields. Eighty-three percent of our faculty have advanced degrees and twenty percent have earned a PhD. A professional development program allows teachers to keep up with educational trends throughout the year. This, coupled with real-life experience, enables them to bring a high level of expertise to the classroom.

Five Core Values Anchor Our Community
A strong commitment to our core values of care, integrity, scholarship, independence and creativity defines our small, close-knit community of scholars and learners and provides an important foundation for building character in each student. By focusing on creating solid relationships community-wide, students have the support they require to achiever their personal best.
We Have a Residential Boarding Program Nestled Within Our Day School
Fully integrated with our day school, forty-seven boarders make up our vibrant boarding program and are housed within the school’s campus. Our boarding program offers a balance between a rigorous college preparatory curriculum and extra-curricular activities, a structure that eases the transition from home to boarding life, and a student-boarding faculty ratio of 4:1 that supports students as they develop both academically and personally.
We Have the Most Diverse Student Body in Rome
Students from all over the world learn and study together. With 55 nations represented amongst our students and ten languages offered at the school, the distinctiveness of our student body enriches the educational experience and supports a sense of global citizenship.

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