A Snapshot of Boarding Life

Boarders on segways

The boys’ and girls’ dormitories are located on the top two floors of the school building. All rooms have Wi-Fi access and communal facilities, and the dorms are separated from the rest of the school building by an access control system. The snack bar and lounge with TV and DVD are popular places for relaxation. Meals are taken in the dining hall, where the emphasis is on Italian cuisine. In their free time, students can use the library, sports and music facilities or spend time in the cortile.

Boarders enjoying ice cream

Weekend Life

Weekends offer a variety of activities from unique cultural diversions to rich culinary experiences. Many students choose to spend time with friends, rest or study. Boarders are often invited to spend a night or a weekend with a day student’s family and are encouraged to do so, subject to parental permission and the approval of the Boarding Head. Boarding students may take advantage of Rome’s cultural wonders, they can savor the pleasures of Roman cuisine, explore the city’s other offerings, such as excursions to nearby beaches, rock climbing or a soccer match at Stadio Olimpico. Students also venture outside of Rome on trips organized by the boarding faculty.

Boarders in counseling room

Health and Counseling

At St. Stephen’s, we help students maintain a positive, healthy outlook as well as optimal health. The boarding faculty works together with school counselors and the school nurses to support each boarder’s wellbeing throughout the year. The school nurses are present every morning during the week and on call after working hours and on weekends. They also arrange necessary medical treatments for boarding students, such as visits to orthodontists, opticians, and other specialists. Our wellness and emotional support program for boarders is delivered by two professional consultant counselors who are available to meet with boarders individually once a week and/or in regular group sessions. The meetings focus on a variety of topics relating to adolescence and community life.