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Class Ambassadors & Alumni Directory

As a class ambassador, you play two essential roles at St. Stephen’s. First, you are a communicator, keeping your classmates informed and engaged. You serve as the main ambassadors of the Alumni Relations Office and help to keep alumni/ae connected with one another through providing up to date contact information, collecting Class Notes, driving event attendance (on and off campus), and organizing events of any size. Second, you are the bridge in helping alumni understand how important their support is to current students and to the continued success of St. Stephen’s. 

Get your classmates excited about St. Stephen’s:

  • Get in touch with your classmates via mail, email, text, or social media.
  • Help us track down “lost” classmates.
  • Collect Class Notes once a year.
  • Be an advocate for St. Stephen’s. Share news about the School throughout the year.
  • Be an advocate for alumni. If classmates need information that you don’t have, encourage them to be in touch with St. Stephen’s, or reach out to us on their behalf. Circle back and make sure that all of their questions have been answered.
  • Send us stories, achievements, and news from your classmates. 
  • Use social media to build community, reminisce about your time at St. Stephen’s, reinforce your connections, and share information.
  • Making an annual gift of any size to the School and encouraging classmates to do the same.