"When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness." – Alexis de Tocqueville

The evolution of historical events is part of everyone’s heritage and, the study of the classics ensures that that heritage, is preserved. At St. Stephen’s, students acquire a keener sense of world events through an enhanced understanding of past historical, cultural and religious developments and the responses of societies to complex social and economic changes.


St. Stephen's location in the heart of ancient Rome offers a unique dimension to the Classics Department, for the city inevitably becomes an extension of the classroom, both in history (Roman Topography, Classical Greek and Roman Studies) and language (Latin) courses.





A primary function of the department is to bring together diverse disciplines to promote further appreciation of the immediate environment. Field trips form the basis of the Roman Topography course, and are undertaken where relevant in Latin and in the Roman section of Greek and Roman Studies.


Classics at St. Stephen’s:

  • encourage students to comprehend and appreciate the rich legacy of the Greco-Roman world through a study of the literature, art and architecture, language and history
  • help to develop language skills and the awareness of language as an integral part of culture
  • promote critical/analytical reading of primary sources, both literary and historical
  • challenge students to make connections between the ancient world and other worlds, including their own

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