St. Stephen's encourages participation in extracurricular activities as they offer students opportunities to make a contribution to the community, explore diverse interests, develop new skills and build relationships.  Click the boxes below to learn more about the clubs at St. Stephen’s.

  • Admissions Ambassadors

    Students will lead tours around campus for new and interested students. They will also be able to give tours in multiple languages.

    • Student Leader: Kira Walls
    • Faculty Supervisor: Lesley Murphy
  • Boarding Prefects

    Boarding students who are important members of the community and the student leaders on their hallways. They also plan weekend activities and try to help new boarders adjust to life away from home.

    • Student Leaders: Greta Micelli, Pierpaolo Micelli, Benton Letterman, Paula Assmann, Talia Morison-Allen, Heliose Simon
    • Faculty Supervisor: Ms. Young
  • Casetta Lauretana

    Students go to a foster home, Casetta Lauretana, biweekly to play with the kids, help them with their homework, and create fun activities.

    • Student Leader: Michele Antinucci
    • Faculty Supervisor: Mr. Astremo
  • Cineasti

    Students learn how to create, direct, make, and star in their own SSS film.

  • Clown Doctor Therapy Course

    A smile is more than medicine


    Clown doctors have the ability to see beyond the illness and help make the children at Casa di Andrea and local hospitals smile throughout their treatments. Learn the skills and techniques involved in becoming a clown doctor through this unique course. Please see Ms. Jacquet if you are interested in participating.

    • Student Leaders: Valeria Muratori, Michela Sorbini
    • Faculty Supervisor: Ms. Jacquet
  • Club della Francofonia

    A club that invites students to discover the Francophone world in relation to the language, traditions and forms of art and expression of individual countries. Students will understand how a language can be common in countries as far apart geographically and culturally, the role of colonization in the imposition and dissemination of the French language, and the importance of the Francophone cultural heritage, which goes far beyond the borders of France itself.

    • Student Leaders: Carolina Beccari, Julia Audient
    • Faculty Supervisors: Ms. Musilli, Ms. Martin
  • Down Syndrome Theater

    Students work with Down Syndrome adults once a week to create an end-of-the-year performance.

    • Student Leaders: Elisa Che, Chiara Mol
    • Faculty Supervisor: Mr. Locilento
  • Drumming

    Students play the African drum, the ‘djembé’, performing and singing Senegalese songs with the aim to raise money for the children of the ‘ÉcolePrimaireAngrand’ elementary school in Senegal.

    • Faculty Supervisors: Ms. Musilli, Dr. Treherne
  • Embrace

    The school's LGBT organization promotes equality and open mindedness and encourages overcoming prejudices.


    • Student Leader: Beatrice Federici
    • Faculty Supervisor: Mr. Koester
  • EnLabs

    EnLabs is an exciting entrepreneurial incubator supported by LUISS and located at Termini where teams of young adults are working on their startup businesses.  Selected St Stephen's students may go there in a supervised group in the evening and provide assistance in a variety of ways (translation, working on social media, etc.) and meet the entrepreneurs and learn about what they are doing in this new economy.  An evening's visit is usually 2-3 credits, while any sessions held at school will earn .5 credit.

    • Student Leader: Poppy Glaister
    • Faculty Supervisor: Ms. Di Cataldo
  • Flashbach

    This club gathers talented musicians, performers, and composers around the school to explore the deeply enriching world of music and to create live music events or musical lectures for charity.

    • Student Leader: Yi Chen
    • Faculty Supervisor: Richard Trythall
    • Visit Website
  • Gardening Club

    Students help keep SSS and surrounding areas green and clean while learning about new gardening techniques.

    • Student Leaders: Talia Morrison-Allen, Rory McEwen, Ashildur Jonsdottir
    • Faculty Supervisor: Juli Stelmaszyk
  • German Club

    A new club that will try and promote German culture, language, food, and festivities.

    • Student Leaders: Kilian Barita, Elias Rychembusch
    • Faculty Supervisor: Mr. Ullman
  • Helping the Tchkudu Kids - Life Straw Club

    Students provide Life Straws for the Tchkudu Kids in the Congo through various fundraising initiatives.

    • Student Leaders: Christian Rosolino, William Tippins
    • Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Pope
  • Humans of Rome

    Inspired by the facebook page "Humans of New York", in which the author stops people by taking a picture of them and asking to recount anything that is off the top of their head. With this idea in mind, this club hopes to do the same, by creating their own blog / facebook page where they will share the stories of Rome’s homeless population and fundraise or hold collection drives to help provide them with the things they need.

    • Student Leaders: Alexia Lamorgese, Olivia Yardley
    • Faculty Supervisor: Ms. Chemissiani
  • INKLING and INK Literary Magazine (11th and 12th grade)

    Students write creative pieces for this school-wide publication.

    • Student Leaders: Dina Dragolijic, James Hua, Alessandra Durkin
    • Faculty Supervisors: Dr. Sacchetti, Mr. Maggio
  • Italian Club

    Students participate in Italian cultural events all over Rome.

    • Faculty Supervisor: Ms. Negroni
  • Italian Peer Tutoring

    This student-led group hopes to provide help and expertise to all students in Italian courses who want someone to read, analyze, and help them improve their written skills in Italian.

    • Student Leader: Laura Ferri
    • Faculty Supervisor: Ms. Negroni
  • Junior Math Competition

    Students younger than 16 years old participate in individual and group math problem solving. Two teams of students go to a math competition in March in a location in Europe.

    • Student Leader: Danyal Zafar
    • Faculty Supervisor: Ms. El-Taha
  • Knitting Club

    Students will learn how to knit items that will be donated to the homeless of Rome at the Caritas Soup Kitchen.

    • Student Leader: Chathuni Athauda Arachchige
    • Faculty Supervisor: Mrs. Johnson-Mottola
  • Library Crew

    Library Crew members assist library staff in a free period and learn the skills needed to work in a library. Seniors who regularly attend will receive a letter to their university librarian recommending them for a library job.  One credit is given for each double period of work done.

    • Student Leaders: Gabe Bowen, Kitty Raconzier
    • Faculty Supervisor: Ms. Di Cataldo
  • Math Peer Tutoring

    Students can become math peer tutors and help other students succeed in mathematics.

    • Student Leaders: Eugenio Cabella, Luisa Vitullo
    • Faculty Supervisor: Ms. Raymond
  • MUN (Model United Nations)

    Students strive to better understand world politics and policies and the practices of the United Nations. Attend conferences all over Europe!

    • Student Leaders: Rachele Podda, Ann-Kathrin Krutsch, Joshua Croppenstedt, Christian Tukun
    • Faculty Supervisor: Mr. Boccuni
  • POP Crew

    A small group of students organize monthly shows where students can either sell their visual arts, perform music, dance, etc. in an effort to fundraise for the Pencils of Promise organization (an organization that builds schools and raises money for scholarships).

    • Student Leader: David Rosales
    • Faculty Supervisor: Ms. Stewart
  • Peer Mentoring

    Students work with the school counselor to develop programs and activities for students to support their peers.

    • Student Leaders: Cosima Rattazzi, Alexia Lamorgese
    • Faculty Supervisor: Phil Georgiou
  • Photography Club

    Student-run club for passionate, young photographers.

    • Student Leader: Chiara Calcagni
    • Faculty Supervisor: Ms. Stewart
  • Physics Peer Tutoring

    Students can become peer tutors and help other students succeed.

    • Student Leader: Eugenio Cabella
    • Faculty Supervisor: Ms. Chemeissani
  • Reach Out / Rome Social Projects

    Students work with local service organizations in Rome, reaching out to those in need in our community.

    • Student Leaders: Elias Graversen, Pascal Pichon-Marquette
    • Faculty Supervisor: Ms. Jacquet
    • Visit Website
  • SSS Radio

    Students publish various radio segments for the school's webradio based on their own interests and research.

    • Student Leaders: Riccardo Patuano, David Rosales
    • Faculty Supervisor: Mr. Di Marco
  • SSS Student Council

    Students are involved with running school-wide activities and creating school spirit.

    • Student Leaders: Sam Whalen - President, Rachele Podda - VP
    • Faculty Supervisors: Ms. Podagelyte
  • Science Club

    A club that hopes to provide a platform for further study of science. This club might also have the opportunity to participate in science-related events and competitions.

    • Student Leaders: Michela Sorbini, Valentina Rampolla
    • Faculty Supervisor: Ms. Levenson
  • S.U.N. (Students United for Nature)

    Environmental awareness and action club. Students promote green week and participate in monthly park clean-ups.

    • Student Leaders: Buki Macpherson, Liza Kuzmina
    • Faculty Supervisor: Mrs. Johnson-Mottola
  • Tastemaker's Magazine

    Student-run fashion and culture magazine.

    • Faculty Supervisor: Ms. Stewart
  • Termini Soup Kitchen

    Students serve food to Rome's homeless population once a week.

    • Student Leader: Kim Jansch
    • Faculty Supervisor: Ms. Dostert
  • The Artist

    Students use their artistic skills to fundraise and establish a connection with the Palestinian Refugee School.

    • Student Leader: Asia Palomba
    • Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Pope
  • The Aventina School Newspaper

    Students write articles of various subjects for this bi-monthly publication.

    • Student Leaders: Isabella de Carvalho, Poppy Glaister
    • Faculty Supervisor: Ms. Di Cataldo
  • The Logic Club

    Students work on various projects involving math and problem solving. Learn to code in HTML and also break codes using cryptography.

    • Student Leaders: Luca Stanzani Ghedini, Tommaso Pantalani
    • Faculty Supervisor: Ms. El-Taha
  • Yearbook

    Students help create, organize, and innovate the yearbook.

    • Student Leaders: Sylvie Dumont, Sofia Kourous
  • iLabs

    iLabs projects include learning to Code with Scratch, robotics, 3D design and printing, and Arduino and Raspberry Pi.  Students will follow a curriculum to learn the basics and then imagine, design and create projects that inspire them.  Some advanced students will work independently under the guidance of the iLab instructors.

    iLab meets
    Tuesday in I, J
    Wed G4, G5, F5 and after school
    Fri E

    • Student Leaders: Louis Syropoulo, Michael Whalen
    • Faculty Supervisors: Ms. Di Cataldo, Ms. Levenson

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