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Among the long list of accomplishments during her tenure at Ashley Hall, Ms. Muti is responsible for having initiated and implemented numerous programmatic enhancements, including STEAM initiatives, the integration of math and science departments, the vision and creation of a global studies program, a successful professional development program, a boarding program for international students, a health and wellness program, among many others. Ms. Muti successfully led three capital campaigns and three productive strategic and master planning processes. She also tripled the School's endowment and created a partnership with Horizon's National, a non-profit that partners with schools to develop summer academic, enrichment, and social-emotional learning programs to serve underrepresented students.

Before joining Ashley Hall as Head of School, Ms. Muti worked at Ravenscroft School, a Pre-K-12 in Raleigh, North Carolina. As Assistant Head, she implemented the School’s strategic plan, led the faculty hiring process, created an interim program for the Middle and Upper School, administered all phases of the Fine Arts Program Pre-K-12, and oversaw design and construction of a $2.6M dollar Fine Arts Center. She also held the positions of College Counselor, Coordinator of International Programs, Director of Fine Arts Center, and Chair of Fine Arts. Her other professional experience includes being a member of the Adjunct Faculty at NC State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Admissions Officer at Duke University, in Durham, North Carolina.

Ms. Muti is also the Co-Director and Co-Founder of Spoleto Study Abroad, a non-profit organization for adults and students to study the arts and humanities in Spoleto, Italy.

A dedicated and innovative educator, Ms. Muti has expressed a deep appreciation for the School's mission, emphasis on scholarship, character education, and community. She has a deep commitment to attracting and retaining an excellent faculty and to professional development. Ms. Muti is an outstanding communicator and administrator who is very excited by the prospect of leading St. Stephen's. She will be moving to Rome with her husband, Lorenzo Muti, an orchestral conductor.

cink 1
Chapter 13: Celebrating Faculty | Celebrating Lucy Clink

Lucy Click

2-D and IB Art Teacher

By Natalie Edwards '14 - City of Rome I, Core 9 Teacher and member of the Boarding Faculty
Aggarwala Rohit Headshot
Chapter 14: Alumni Spotlight | Alumni Spotlight Interview, Cortile 2022 Highlights

 Rohit Aggarwala ‘89

Chief Climate Officer and Commissioner of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection

By Natalie Edwards '14 - City of Rome I, Core 9 Teacher and member of the Boarding Faculty
cortile21 baker1
Chapter 14: Alumni Spotlight | Alumni Spotlight Interview

Varun Baker ‘01

Co-Founder & Managing Director Farm Credibly

cortile21 nicholson
Chapter 14: Alumni Spotlight | Alumni Spotlight Interview

Rachel Nicholson ‘06

Director, Visitor Engagement and Research at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

By Natalie Edwards '14 - City of Rome I, Core 9 Teacher and member of the Boarding Faculty
cortile21 mckenna1
Chapter 14: Alumni Spotlight | Alumni Spotlight Interview

Brian McKenna ‘00

Music Producer

By Natalie Edwards '14 - City of Rome I, Core 9 Teacher and member of the Boarding Faculty
cortile21 plantation
Chapter 15: Alumni Stories | Visiting Family Stories, Alumni Stories

Visiting Sully Plantation, Visiting Family Secrets

I stood in the thick green grass, looking at a slave dwelling at Sully Plantation, Chantilly, Virginia.

The cabin was built to replicate one that had housed the people my ancestors enslaved. It was a hot August day in 2021, 95 degrees with Virginia’s drenching humidity. I heard the loud chorus of crickets, the leaves shifting in the nearby copse, felt the heat in the breeze.

By Sarah Fleming ‘71
cortile21 science stories1
Chapter 15: Alumni Stories | Science Stories for Grown-Ups, Alumni Stories

Science Stories for Grown-Ups

Everything ended with a book.
No wait.
Everything started with a book.

By Guilia Sebastio
cortile21 serendipity
Chapter 15: Alumni Stories | St. Stephen's Community, A Small World, Alumni Stories

The Small World of Serendipity

This story is equal parts chance, serendipity, a small world, and the St Stephen’s community.

I am a musician and young entrepreneur, and when I was based in London, I was searching for ways to build connections.

By Edoardo Pariante ‘15