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Class of 1966

Cynthia McKee: cynmeadow@aol.com

Robert Turner: I retired in February 2018 after nearly 33 years at Radford University in Radford, Va. I have kept handwritten journals since 1968. I am now typing those up. I am enjoying remembering events that I have long forgotten. My wife and I took a month to visit our sons and families that are in Wisconsin and South Dakota and then we went to Oregon and California. This is a lovely, large country to drive across. Our other four children and families are within an hour from our home so we see them much more often. I remember my St. Stephen's days fondly. I haven't seen anyone recently. I enjoy hearing about classmates’ adventures.

David LeMire: Here between Paris and Normandy. I was in Rome in November 2016 but didn't have a free minute. Retired but looking for work here in Paris. I have been living mostly in Paris since 1968. Piano studies, piano teaching. Saw Patricia Corbett once in the metro. We didn't speak. Got a letter from Marty Keller about twenty years ago.

Saw David Redden in NYC in 1984.  In addition to managing for better for worse two residences plus ensuing travel, I'm writing my memoirs as I see others have done. It's massive work but stimulating as more and more memories come to the surface. I've begun my Rome period 1964-1966 but only just for the moment touched upon SSS. I'm writing a parallel version in fiction which enables me no-holds-barred depictions. After graduating I worked with JOP's recommendation for two American families in Italy for about six weeks: tutoring in English and math, swimming and tennis coaching. They were dream jobs. I then went to France with my family to my grandmother's. After visiting my ever-fascinating godmother in Geneva I hied my way to Harvard.  Two years interspersed with trips to Rome, a summer month in Vienna with trips to Budapest (machine guns at border) and Prague with my brother Philippe.  1968 Paris. Nadia Boulanger.

Marshall Thompson: Life is good in Malibu with the exception of the wildfire that took our home and turtle hospital last November.  Thankfully, we are unhurt and the majority of our turtle and tortoise population survived, due to the time of year hibernation, safety preparation and St. Francis.  www.tortoise.com  We are rebuilding on our lot with a remarkable manufactured home looks sorta midcentury. I am still joyfully employed making videos and shooting still photography, most recently, short informational videos in English and Spanish for the California Poison Control System.  Coming up on our 25th wedding anniversary November 19, sharing life with the wise, brilliant, brave and beautiful Susan Tellem.  Have seen Bill and Joy Barnsdale occasionally, I need to connect with them soon. Love and peace to all our St. Stephen’s friends, how I miss those days in Rome.

Bill Fobes: Been retired since 2014 and now working with a ministry that provides biblical courses to inmates in the Texas prisons. Amazing how it makes a difference. Been back to Rome several times with my wife, Hope, and even visited the current location. Surprised to find out all the student records from our 1st two years were lost in a fire. I appreciate what gets posted on Facebook as it shows how the school has grown over the years. Lots of changes since we were there!

Amanda Mathews Rankin: Looking at the list of [classmates’] emails, I am reminded of so many familiar names.  It seems oh so long ago.  Well, it WAS long ago!  How did I get to 72 so quickly? Lost my dear husband of 45 years, three years ago.  I am still a missionary in the mountains of Panama and don't plan to leave anytime soon. This is pretty much home now, after 11 years of living here. Love the people, and all I have to do is walk out my door and find ministry! Wrote “Your Road to Success; Living a Balanced Life in an Unbalanced World” last year.  It is written for young people who are trying to get their acts together and know nothing about goals, etc.  It's on Amazon. And, I am writing “Finding Your Kingdom Identity as a Widow: Discovering the Warrior Bride Within.”  That will hopefully be out in September. Other than that, my life is full of adventure and joy, as I am learning my new identity as a single woman...and truly, that IS an adventure!

Pamela Bowman Lockwood: I am inspired by all that have written in.  I close my eyes and see you all as we were in 1966. Probably the most influential year of my life. I remember the meetings for the yearbook at David Redden’s. And Amanda was my post-graduate pal! Still maintaining a home in Sarasota and Provence. Another grandchild on its way in March... Life is precious and I am blessed to have known you all. 

Jim De Melo: Bravo for everyone’s accomplishments and adventures. I to have remained a fan of Italy (was a tour guide in Rome 1969-71 during summers after a year at Bologna centre of JHU where I taught in 2015-16). Was hoping to go to Salina with family by Stromboli but landed here near Datcha on a four-day cruise with family.

Ashley Wilson: I’ve had some irregular heart episodes and started aerobic interval walking. It makes me feel a lot better overall. I'm painting my metal sculptures and cut-outs and trying to bring paintings I’ve been working on for 35 years to completion.  Read and enjoyed Ellison’s Essays.

Anne Morgan McKinstry: All is good in our camp. We are healthy, active - physically and mentally, etc., and enjoying life. I am fully retired and will try to make the most of the next decade or 2+++ with an active lifestyle of skiing, hiking, single-track mountain and road biking, kayaking, etc. and developing close bonds with grandchildren. Reading is extensive along with garden projects. Plus I am now able to spend a bit more time reconnecting with family and friends.  Then there has been the 'sorting through' a houseful of 36 years - virtually a major 2-year endeavour (is this what we were destined for in these golden years?). Travel is local due inheriting our departed son's ageing dog who has a couple quirks with being kenneled, crated, penned or caged. (I am sure that will change in the near future once this lovable canine joins his master in the lofty heavens of afterlife.) 

Joanna Stevens Shields:  Not much news around here other than a month-long trip to New Zealand in February/March. What a beautiful country!

Charles Perini: My wife, Nancy, and I met in Boston in 1969 and lived in New York City for ten years where I attended the Art Student's League and attempted to break into the, then, vibrant and eclectic, art world.  I had some success with that but when our son, Vincent, was born in 1978, we left the big city for Buffalo Gap, Texas where we spent some interesting years ranching and planting an experimental vineyard (all vinifera) and where I was the Mayor for a brief but exhilarating time. We eventually moved to Austin to escape the rural schools of West Texas and it was during this time that we began to return to Italy frequently and, on one occasion in the 90's, visited SSS, where we were given a tour of the new campus and where Signor Di Marco recognized me by name.  I was very flattered.  Since then, we have spent much time in Italy, living near Florence for a year, where our son attended the International School in Florence.  After high school in Austin, he attended SACI (Studio Art Center International) in Florence and we were able to spend a few months there a few times when he had an apartment.  He is now an artist and photographer in L.A. and, like most of us, is very grateful for his time in Italy, a legacy of my time in Rome.  We have lived in Connecticut for the last 20 years, first in Lyme and now in Mystic where I continue to make art and restore old houses.  If you are interested, I have self-published some portfolios and some other books, some of which are available in PDF form and posted, below.  I look back on Rome as a pivotal point in my life and thank my lucky stars for that year and for all of you.

Vaulted Ceilings in Florence

A Decade of Art in New York City 1970-1980 Charles W. Perini


Cindy Wallace McKee: I am so glad to hear news from SSS classmates.  What glorious days in Rome! I spend some time volunteering, both at a non-profit whose mission is to “end poverty through on-the-ground programs and services,” and at a school for special needs children.  I try to exercise, read, garden.  All is well with us.


Class of 1968

Mary Lynn Gage: mlgage@salk.edu

Teodolinda Barolini sent the following report: “Last summer I was elected socia straniera (foreign member) of Italy's National Academy, the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. It was founded in 1603 and Galileo was a member. It is called the "Academy of the Lynxes" because lynxes are believed to be farsighted, hence wise. "Nazionale" was added after the fall of fascism when Mussolini's Accademia d'Italia was closed and the Parliament turned to the country's oldest Academy and made it the National Academy. Last November I went to the induction ceremony at Palazzo Corsini in Rome.

My husband Jim Valentini is still Dean of Columbia College. My son, William Caverly, has founded a non-profit called Soccer Shepherds New York that helps young men, mostly immigrants without much of a safety net, use their soccer talents to get college scholarships or signed as professionals: https://soccershepherds.org/

Dr. Teodolinda Barolini being inducted into the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei at the Palazzo Corsini in Rome.

Bruce Heller:  “One of the highlights of the past few months was a June visit to Diana Hulick and Martha Seaman in Taos, NM. Beautiful place with great hiking, delicious southwest cooking, and, as you can see from the picture I am sending separately, interesting headgear.

Happily, we are able to see Jan Fogelquist and her family more frequently, now that Jan and Eleftherios are splitting their time between Greece and Seattle.  At a family gathering last week, we saw Jan’s brother, Tom, who entered St. Stephens in the fall of 1968.

For the last six months, I have been volunteering as a math tutor for inmates preparing for the GED exam. It’s been a rewarding experience working with such motivated and appreciative students.  But most of all, spending time with this population and hearing about their lives reminds me of how incredibly fortunate we are.”

Mark Aksoy reports on his busy life:  “I am still working at Temple University Hospital doing basic research, but this summer I finally transitioned to working part-time.  I’ll now have 2 extra days off per week to fill up with all the extra things I want to do!  And I’m still living in the warm afterglow of my trip to Egypt last October - 12 days exploring its glorious past and crowded present.  I started boldly with the Pyramids in Cairo: climbing up a narrow passageway into the heart of the Pyramid of Cheops.  Then it was an 8-day cruise up the Nile, gliding past date palms, sugar cane, braying donkeys and cattle grazing on marshy banks.  Every day a different set of ruins to tour – massive pillars, monumental statues and huge pylon facades carved with elaborate friezes, ageing gracefully under the desert sun.  And lastly a hot-air balloon flight over the tombs of the Valley of the Kings in Luxor.  All in all, an unforgettable and highly recommended experience!”

Lise Temple Greenberg contributes: “Steven and I have become beekeepers. We added two more hives, making a total of four, this past spring and have harvested over 4 1/2 gallons of honey in our 2nd year. It is a fascinating and rewarding endeavour and we are learning much about our environment and all that these little pollinators contribute to our own eco and food system. 

The wonderful wedding of our daughter, Rachele, to Lt. Joseph Jablonski took place in Brookgreen Gardens, SC on Sept.2, 2018. It was a beautiful, hot SC day. Happily for us, Hurricane Florence made landfall the following week!

I hosted a retreat this past March in Pawleys Island, SC, at my home for Holly Hotchner, Mary Lynn Gage, and Anne Fisk Bergan. A highlight was an afternoon at a go-cart track!  In addition to our time just being together, we had the opportunity to help host a St. Stephen's reception in Charleston, SC, at the home of Anne and Philip Bergan.” 

According to Wheelock Whitney: “I had a very nice lunch in New York with Eric Mayer, Harvey Stone, new board chair Libby Morris and the one and only Teo Barolini (who allows me to call her Linda). I continue to sing and later this month will be performing solos and duets by Handel, Brahms, Faure, Cole Porter and others at Hudson Hall (formerly the Hudson Opera House), a very good venue in the nearby city of Hudson. Singing continues to be my passion, and despite the advancing years I seem to be improving!”

Mary Lynn and Rusty Gage spent a week cruising along the Alaska coast in August. Very relaxing and the scenery was stunning. Rusty assumed the position of President of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla in January, but still manages to keep his research going with his very active lab.


Class of 1969

Lea (Pouder) La Roche  sends along this sage advice; “As we quietly--or not!--slip into old age and contentment....awaiting fourth grandchild....the key is contentment.” (Ed.note:  As for Jeffrey & Joelle Desloovere Schon, we are in complete denial! See below)

Dorothy (Dotty) Neilson writes,“Hard to believe we graduated 50 years ago; thankfully, I doubt many, if any, of us feel that old.  We have now lived in Pittsburgh for 15 years where my husband works at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.  Our daughter and her husband, both doctors in Pittsburgh, moved here 7 years ago, so I could help babysit if children arrived.  And I now babysit two grandchildren (aged 5 and 3) two days a week.Then this summer our younger son and his girlfriend moved here from Tucson where they had lived for 11 years.  So we have two of our three children in town with us, pretty amazing for a retired Air Force family.” Nini (Stoddard) and I try to visit each other once a year and enjoy remembering good times in Rome. My husband and I visited Rome in April 2018; it was my first time back since graduation.”

Patricia (Trish Coward) Post happily returns to Italy every year, “Peter and I are both retired from The Emily Post Institute, which is in the capable hands of the next generation. We spend winters in Vero Beach, Florida, now, and summers back in Vermont. Both our daughters live there, and we have the added bonus of Anna and Matt’s son, Jasper, who will be two in late August. Every spring we spend a month in Italy, renting the same house we found in 2001 in the countryside south of Florence. We have become good friends with the owners, which has added a wonderful layer of family life - and shared meals! - to our visits. Anna, Matt and Jasper joined us this June, and, if the little guy had his way, they would have stayed forever! We head back this fall with our daughter, Lizzie, as Peter can’t wait a whole year to return. We are looking forward to the next reunion in Rome.”

As for us, Jeffrey Schon and Joelle Desloovere Schon, while most sensible people our age begin to slow down and look forward to retirement, we are about to embark on our most ambitious project yet. Within the next few weeks, we will be closing on the financing for Akili Network (http://www.akilinetwork.com) the first free educational children’s television network in Kenya with the intention of being on the air early next year. In May, after nine years, Jeff retired as Chairman of the Board of St Stephen’s although he remains on the Board. In the meantime, we are enjoying our granddaughters, Athena, almost 6, and Tatum, almost 2, as well as their parents, our daughter, Chloe and her husband, Jordan. We regularly see Rick (Richard) Routhier who (along with his wife, Sarah) is expecting his first grandchild later this year, and Jackie Judd and her husband, John.

Class of 1970

Benji Kaghan Sinclair: I'm and have lived for most of the past 30 years in Jackson, Wyoming, in the Jackson Hole valley, Wyoming. I work part-time as a year-round guide on local natural history tours in Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Parks and an adjoining National Forest. I spend most of my time hiking, skiing, hunting and volunteering in this beautiful northwestern corner of Wyoming. Most of my travel over the past 10 years has been to Bhutan, where I taught at the Royal University of Bhutan's College of Natural Resources in 2011 and have visited thee three other times. I've been occasionally in touch with Mark Garrison, Andy Miller and Kim Millett but have regrettably lost touch with my other classmates. I hope to see more of them at the Reunion in May next year.

Catherine Hoffman: After 51 years of glorious memories Rome and St. Stephens – Franca Camiz’s Roman history, walking to school and home every day and stopping at the flower stand, being sick and given permission to use the school elevator, daily bridge with Pancho, Lock, and Elizabeth, turning 16 in the most magic city, visits to Café Greco and Piazza Di Spagna, throwing up near the Pipistrello after drinking too much, trips to Herculaneum, Venezia, Torcello, and  Firenze, spinning on the ride at EUR, fare l’auto stop with no fear.

I finally returned to Rome in April with my partner Betty. Before leaving, I had breakfast with  Elizabeth Edwards (post-grad 1969) who gave me all kinds of places to see, roads to walk and mostly compounded my nostalgia for that 1967-1968 year in Rome and St. Stephens.   We flew into Fiumicino and were met at the airport by Pancho – older but recognizable after all these years. It was the first of 12 amazing days – our first stop from the airport was to the old school and the flower stand and via sebastiano conca where I lived (and the portiere’s wife was still there to greet us). We picked up Pancho’s boyfriend Mario and drove 40 KM north to their home in Calcata. 4 days walking the community and cooking and dining on the best vegetarian cuisine in the world at Pancho’s  private club Grotta Dei Germogli. Don’t miss it on a weekend. Pancho and Mario hosted us in Calcata and then spent days with us in Rome retracing my 1967 steps to the Coliseum ( with a 2019 perspective on the utter brutality which defined the space), the Foro Romano, the Pantheon, top of Vittorio Emmanuele monument, Pizza del Popolo, Trastevere with a much diminished market, Campo dei Fiore now replete with international sellers, The Etruscan Museum, the English/Anglican cemetery and restaurants and corners.

It was a wonderful time to be back in Rome and to recement an old and loving connection not just with the city but a friend of 51 years.

Class of 1972

Karen Schur-Narula: Last year I posted a photo of a friend’s house on FB.  Guess who bought it? Darcy Trick Foley and her husband~ Darcy and I were roommates during sophomore year in Hotel Lord Byron; now we are neighbours in Bar-sur-Aube in Champagne, France.  As Karen Bowie lives in nearby Paris, we occasionally get to meet up in both places. And in May it was an unexpected pleasure to see Laura Curtis Fosholt (71) and John Milam (71) in the U.S. Otherwise, I continue to live between Thailand and France. As ever, best wishes to all.

Cate Whittemore: In August I taught a full schedule of watercolour courses (an alternative approach for people who say they can’t draw a straight line) from July 20 to August 19 at a wonderful retreat centre in remote Skyros, Greece, where the swimming is luxuriously deep and clear.  I am looking forward to my work being in a gallery in Antiparos this September, and to an upcoming artist residency at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts this October,

after which I will visit my 2 grown sons in California, where I dream of moving.  Winter was way way too long last year in Minneapolis. I also dream of moving to Venice Italy, Skyros, Greece, or somewhere in the far Grenadines, and always, always, Rome. Here is a watercolour from last week, of a favourite cafe in Skyros, during siesta.

Dan Keller: Perhaps my biggest accomplishment this year was dropping 30+ pounds and beating my prediabetes by fasting on water for 18 days. 

I blogged about this here: dan-keller.com/nursing/#numbers

And I completely changed the way I eat: dan-keller.com/nursing/vegan

But "vegan" is only a soundbite.  Here are the magic words:  whole foods, plant-based.

The science is here: nutritionstudies.org/the-china-study

The China Study changed my life. Huzzah, fellow St. Stephensers... We never 

stop growing and learning!”

Day Jones: I am finally semi-retired after some 38 years as a teacher and school administrator in Milan. I am continuing to work part-time as an educational consultant, advising companies which are wanting to invest in private education in Italy, and working with the International Baccalaureate both to evaluate schools which seek to maintain their authorized status with the IB as well as assisting schools who wish to introduce the program.  Working part-time is a joy and allows me to keep one foot in the field of education whilst having more time to enjoy myself. What a luxury it is to have control over my own schedule after so many years of having to follow school calendars. I spent the month of July in Sardinia, where I have been spending part of my summers for more than 25 years and this year, for the first time, a return to Sardinia in September when the hoards of continental Italians and Europeans have left and the water is still warm.

Eric Richmond: In the past year and a half my life has taken a huge turn, dare I say for the better. After 35 years in London, and 21 years living in our studio, Alison and I upped stakes and have moved to rural North Devon. Alison retired from her CEO post at ICON, the UK’s conservation body, after 9 years at the helm, and I’ve stepped away from professional photography after the 35 years working here in Britain. The reasons are many: the increasing domination of social media determining who works and who doesn’t ( a young person’s game ), austerity leading to massive cuts in arts funding, which has been my bread and butter…and most important, the desire for change. 

Having lived in cities my entire life, the change is huge. We’ve bought an old farm-house, with some land and some out-buildings, and our life now consists of growing (some of) our food, maintenance, and supervising the conversion of a small barn into extra living quarters for family and friends. I’m learning new skills all the time, for which I’m grateful. We’ve never even had a garden before, and the tranquillity this provides is something not to sneeze at ( except in Spring of course! ) After 21 years of doing without, we again have the companionship of a puppy, a beautiful, somewhat crazed Irish Terrier called Pokey. He keeps us laughing, walking, sometimes screaming, as he destroys yet another object, and keeping us more flexible and sanguine in general.

I may or may not go back to photography…I get the occasional call about a job, but London is now 2 and a half hours away, and this makes it difficult to commit to clients. I’m shooting still-life of found objects around the farm: various dead animals and skeletons, wasps’ nests, dried flowers, but for the first time since I was 20 years old, there’s no pressure attached!  Hallelujah…

I send greetings to all my class of ’72….

Meg Matthews Herman: My husband, our two children, Sarah and Ben, their spouses and our five grandchildren (ages 3- 17) were all together this June for a vacation in Orvieto. Here is a photo from one of our many happy suppers there (I am the grey-haired lady on the right).

Class of 1974

Jackie Hazlett [Smith]: jackiesmith@pasty.net

Karen Avery writes: I am living in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. I am a high school substitute teacher and a member of the community board; the rest of the time I am painting with alcohol ink.

Jackie Hazlett writes: I am still living in Westerville, OH, but spending summer/early fall in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  I decided to leave my project management position at Anthem last May and start a new chapter in my life.  I am studying to become a certified aromatherapist as well as working on the many house and garden projects that did not get the attention they needed during my working years.  

I encourage all members of the Class of 1974 to update your email address in the School Directory so that we can stay in touch!

Sylvia Logan: I am still living in Williamstown, MA; however, my 4 children have moved out and my adorable sheltie passed away during our sabbatical year in Paris. Since raising my children with a bilingual French/English education was my main job over the past 20 years, besides teaching dance, their departure has set me free and I feel like I have retired. I have the time to travel and delve into my passions for literature, yoga, meditation, and volunteer work in my area.  It’s been wonderful. And I welcome any Holton Arms alumni to please come visit me here! 

Another big change in my life is that I bought our family vacation apartment in the lovely fishing town of Sanary Sur Mer near Toulon, France. I rent out this 2 bedroom apartment in a gracious turn of the century villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. If anyone would like to rent, please email (slogan2@williams.edu) me directly!

Class of 1975

Diane Logan: dlogan@usine.com

Diane Logan: I still work as a film editor in Paris but we've moved down to Flaujagues, a little village in the southwest of France near St Emilion. We have a big house on the Dordogne and we've opened a bed and breakfast. Our website is Flaujagues.com. So far so good! Our guests seem happy and we enjoy sharing this great property. I organized a Paris St Stephens’s reunion a year ago, it went well and we may do another one soon. Can't wait for another reunion!

Paul Leddy: Still living in Lima Peru where I work with my wife Silvia who is a sculptor in marble (www.silviawestphalen.com) and who is also a Kundalini yoga instructor so I've taken to this as well but don't become alarmed, I still enjoy my vodka tonics on the patio thinking of younger days and days yet to come. Cheers!

Carol Tienken: I was horseback riding in the Connemara region of Ireland when your note came. My sister is a keen rider and had been dreaming of taking a cross country ride in Ireland. So off we went to ride with a guide named Willie Leahy, 82 years old and as nimble as people 50 years younger. He is quite well known in that region and so lived up to all of the stereotypes of Irish story-telling, etc. We were lucky that the weather was beautiful so we didn't have to wear rain gear too often! Last Fall, I fulfilled a lifelong dream of hiking to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It was definitely as mental as it was physical and I did, in fact, summit. It took 50 porters, cooks, guides, etc. to get 9 of us to the top of the mountain. I felt as though I was contributing to the economy of Tanzania in a meaningful way. While I am glad to say that I have made the hike, I can't say that it was a lot of fun or that I would do it again! I continue my work at The Greater Boston Food Bank. We have lots of work ahead of us to feed people who are food insecure... especially those who are working or are in college. Something has gone very wrong in our society where college students and enlisted soldiers don't have enough to feed themselves! I don't see formally retiring for several more years although the wanderlust is definitely kicking in! Dogs and cats keep me active daily. And they keep me amused. I also just renovated my kitchen and added a full bath downstairs and a mudroom which I had plumbed for a washer and dryer. Trying to anticipate those days when I need to be more frugal in my stair activity. Already arthritis in my knees has alerted me to the fact that replacements will be in my future. For now, the yoga, horseback riding, hiking will just have to keep me going!

Class of 1976

Gigi Spratley: Li’l Beasties were included in a street art sticker book Stickers Volume 2 by DB Burkeman.

Class of 1982

A loving group of 50 friends and family gathered at via Aventina #3 on Saturday, June 29th to celebrate the life of our dear Alex. St. Stephen's really stepped up when we requested to hold the service there. Headmaster Eric Mayer immediately offered his support and that of Simona Monaco, the Alumni Relations coordinator. Simona was wonderful and actively involved in planning the event which went off beautifully, despite the oppressive heat in Rome at the time. The group gathered in the chapel to share memories and stories of Alex in a moving ceremony. This was followed with a walk to Orange Park where his ashes were discreetly spread in a quiet alcove. Although immensely sad, it was wonderful that so many could reunite to celebrate Alex. And to bring it all back to where it started with him for so many of us. You are missed, Alex. 

St. Stephen's alumni in attendance were John Paul Moscarella, Adam Lewis, Annabelle McDougall, Alexandra Beverege, David Delaney, Jeannette Adams, Wes Adams, Luciana D'Arcangeli, Italo Lauteri, and Christy Fisher.

Class of 1987

Phillip Andrus: pandrus@gmail.com

Peter Sgouros reports that he is still working at Disney in software infrastructure testing, as his niece says, “the most boring job at Disney...” He is still living in Seattle and has an art studio side gig (creativeyenacts.com). Stephanie Dolan is living in Talent, Oregon, where she serves on the City Council and owns the Talent Legal Pad las firm (talentlegalpad.com).  Thann Buck is fulfilling a lifelong dream by writing and directing his first full-length narrative film, Before El Fina (before-el-fina-movie.com).

Picture of a moment captured of a typical days exercise while we were there.

Class of 2000

Garrett Strommen: garrett@strommeninc.com

Marianna Rouse Johnson: I am still in the DC area, and thoroughly engaged in the ups and downs of a full life. Sadly, we lost my dad suddenly on 9/4/18, which was a huge shock and loss in our lives. This year has involved a lot of work in learning to navigate this grief and figure out how to continue to grow and make my father proud. It’s certainly been a journey.

Professionally, my work has seen a lot of growth this year. The health and wellness program that I began coordinating for Arlington County, Virginia three years ago, has grown tremendously this year, and I am now leading the Arlington County Healthy Living Program. This has been an incredible opportunity for me to combine all of my passions into one position - social work, physical and emotional health and wellness, program administration, community networking, advocacy, and more. It has been a dream job and continues to offer me plenty of challenge and room to grow. I am very, very satisfied and happy in my work.

I have also this year taken on the challenge of training for an Ironman 140.6 race in Cambridge, Maryland. I have been training for months now, and the race is on 9/28/19. Training for this takes up basically all of the time that I am not working, but I am fortunate to have a partner who is training for the same race, which certainly makes life easier and a pretty wonderful support system that makes this all feel totally worth it. I am looking forward to getting to that starting line healthy, calm, and feeling ready. :)  If anyone is ever in the DC area, please get in touch! Would love to grab a beer and catch up :)

Zoe Farquhar: I can’t remember the last time I updated this so not sure what is new/old news...we moved to South Africa last year and 2 months later had twins! So have basically spent the last year feeding, changing nappies, trying to sleep, walking Harry the giant ridgeback and drinking red wine. Life is lovely. Hope you are all happy and good too.

Class of 2001

Gabriele Belfiori: gbelfiori@gmail.com
Sarah Berry: smberryart@gmail.com

Andi Galdi Vinko: After a few years of living around the world as an emerging photographer represented by an agency in Paris, I moved back to Hungary, Budapest got married and gave birth to my daughter in 2017. I enjoy being a full-time mother who escapes now and then for a commission or an artist in residency program, and I recently started showing my new personal series about motherhood. If you want to visit my website: andigv.com

@andigaldi on Instagram. And if you are planning a trip to Budapest I’ll probably be around.

Gabriele Belfiori: Hi all! I am one of your class reps and if you graduated in 2001, are reading this and your name isn’t Andi, Sarah, Fortman or Gabriele, well, that’s really uncool – next year tell us how YOU are doing! All is well on my end, living in Rome for the last 5 years, working in communication/advertising.

Alexander de Gaay Fortman: Alexander (Fortman!!) is (still) travelling the world, mostly the African continent for his job at IDA Foundation that he started in 2018. IDA Foundation is a worldwide wholesaler for generic medicines that they sell mostly to the developing world. Customers are NGO's, hospitals, Ministries of Health and others. My job as Area Manager is quite similar to my sales job at WakaWaka, where I worked from 2015 - 2018, but entirely different target group and industry. From solar energy to medicines! But as always, just as during my Red Cross time, still trying to do some good in the world :-) 

Moved in with my girlfriend Ilse in 2017 and happy ever since! We live in the small little town of Voorschoten in The Netherlands, right next to The Hague. The perfect mix of nature and tranquillity but very close to the big city. Ilse works as an independent business coach and startup advisor while working on her PhD at the same time. My parents still live in Rome on the Cassia so I still come to the eternal city 2 - 3 times a year. Always a celebration when we are there, hope I can continue doing so for years to come!  As I am writing this, summer is almost over, but as we still don’t have children we are free and not bound to the school holidays so we are anxiously awaiting a 3 week holiday to British Columbia in Canada! Super excited!  When holidays are over back to my tifoso life, as I am a big fan of Ajax, and go to their games very regularly, but naturally I also try to follow AS Roma as much as I can. In the weekends I also still play calcio myself which is super fun! Hope everyone is well! 

Sarah Berry: I'm happily in Fairfax, Virginia with my husband, Cobi and our three-year-old son, Ira. I'm working at the JCC, where I  direct two film festivals, the performing arts and literary series, and curate the art gallery. I also supervise the adult services programs and the school of dance for ages 3-adults. It's fulfilling and fun, but the best part is my chance encounters with Ira who attends preschool in the same building.

Class of 2003

Iggy Cortez: After finishing my PhD, I was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Swarthmore College. I am currently a Mellon Assistant Professor in Cinema and Media Arts at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. I recently heard from Sam Lotti who reports she is still in Chicago. Caroline Craig recently gave birth to baby Remi and has moved to Boston. She warmly welcomes anyone in the area to get in touch with her.

Vanessa Foster continues to enjoy living in the Cayman Islands, where she is now happily married to her husband Alasdair. She is in her seventh year as an elementary school teacher at Cayman International School, where her current favourite topic to teach is science, particularly the study of local and global ocean environmental issues. Her students have collaborated with local environmental agencies to raise awareness and funds for conservation efforts, and their unfaltering enthusiasm and desire to positively impact the environment never ceases to inspire her! When she isn’t teaching Vanessa loves exercising, going to the beach, and travelling with her husband (next up is Japan for the Rugby World Cup!).

Speaking of Vanessa, I attended her beautiful wedding in the Cayman Islands alongside Eugenio Carlucci, Catherine Hupin, Jessica Lana, Mariana Pereira, Ben Seidler, and Philip Tuinenburg who gave the “brides man’s speech.” Vanessa surprised her SSS friends by picking up all of them in the airport, and organized stunning outings to swim with sting-rays, beautiful beach-side cocktail hours, fireworks and much more. Never have I seen a chiller, and more generous bride during her own festivities.

Andy Marr states he is “married two kids, high school biology teacher in beautiful Pensacola FL, started a brewery and bar entertainment company last year that’s taken off and has expanded to three cities along the gulf coast, getting a second MA degree in instructional design and technology.”

Megan Nowell reports that she is “still working as a researcher in spatial ecology. I have 2 kids who keep me on my toes and keep a big goofy grin of my face. Life is good in Norway.”

Chloe Powell says “I’m working mainly in music these days, in my hometown in Barnard, Vermont.  I organize a weekly concert series, and in the interest of routing more international artists to my rural community, I fell into becoming an agent for a world music agency. I’m playing and teaching lots of fiddle.”

Ben Seidler mentions he is “still living in New York, recently moved to the Upper West Side, and working as a Senior Designer for Ralph Lauren”.

Alessandra Sikand messages that “I’m currently in the less travelled souss massa (anti Atlas in Morocco) reminiscing our school trip in Morocco. I’ll be off to Botsawana with clients and road-tripping Namibia after.” She also reports seeing Philip Tuinenburg in Miami and Eugenio Carlucci in New York recently.

Class of 2006

Gabriele Messori is happily settled in Stockholm and has started working last October at Uppsala University. Don't believe people when they tell you Sweden is grey and dark. It is actually a very nice place to live in!

Class of 2010

Chiara Caiusi: chiaragc@gmail.com

Chiara - After a year of changes, I have finally settled at a company that I adore, a start-up called PhoreMost. I love it here and hope to stay for many years to come. On the side, I have become an avid fan of DnD and spend many a weekend either roleplaying in our extensive campaign or exploring the sights around Cambridge. Considering moving to Vienna post-Brexit to follow our current CTO in his new PhoreMost spin-off startup. Who knows!

Tommaso - I’m beginning the groundwork for opening up my own boardgame pub around the Epsom area. After years of working in a Child Safeguarding charity, I believe it’s time to move on towards something I am more passionate about. I am still competing in Ballroom and Latin Dance competitions, as well as improving my baking skills to one day try and apply for the Great British Bake Off. UK citizenship is almost finalised, meaning I hopefully won’t have issues post Brexit.

Giacomo - After spending the second half of last year doing research at Columbia University, I’ve accepted that I probably enjoy lab work more than clinical work. I’ll be graduating in March and going for a doctorate after that, somewhere in Europe or back in NY. I’m still involved in the medical students association I founded with some friends 5 years ago but I’ve been letting go and it’s great to see it has a life of its own now that we’re moving on. All I know for sure is that I’ll finally have a full summer to sail again next year, I’ll let anything after that surprise me.

Michael - Following nearly a decade of university and internships, I’m now a registered Architect in the UK and a chartered member of the Royal Institute of British Architects. I was frustrated with the old fashioned rat-race job that I had in London, so I retired a little early and started my own architectural practise called Studio Greenstone Ltd. We specialise in sustainable residential architecture and are currently working on the development of a small zero-carbon house in Kensington, which should be completed by next spring.

Class of 2015

Katharine M Waldmann: kathywaldmann@hotmail.com

Katharine M Waldmann: The last year has been quite filled for me, both of the good things of life and the bad things. Much like it was four years ago when I left St. Stephen’s there was a strong bittersweetness in graduating from University. A lot of pride, graduating with two majors and two minors as I had managed to plan for a year and a half now. Some sourness at the wasted opportunity to truly complete my honour’s thesis and prove myself.  an effort which brought me a lot of insights but also a lot of excitement and that I hope to bring to completion in the coming years. A lot of tears and sweat shed over graduate school applications, and a lot of joy and anticipation for my year to come at the University of Chicago MAPSS program for the social sciences. And of course, the sadness of leaving another family of friends, intentionally and carefully created around me to offer me the best that the college experience has to give, some fun and laughter, but most importantly a calm and embracing atmosphere. Outside of academics, my only worry is my family who has been going through some personal hardships, including but not limited to the selling of my childhood home. The home my mother has designed as the home we would always have. A lot of joy, the selling, after all, is a sign that the future that I have been making for myself is coming forward for me, and sadness at what is left behind. Maybe it is my training in the history department that makes me look back so much, but maybe just that my experiences have truly been amazing!

Carlotta Adams: Since I've graduated from London College of Music, I've joined a collective called Steam Down, who I help manage and with whom I've toured Europe and the UK. We're just finishing our run of festivals, which have included Glastonbury, Dimensions in Croatia, Latitude, Wilderness, and many others. We're now heading over to Colombia with the British Council to collaborate with local musicians and then to Australia in early December. We're gearing up towards our first release next year, and I've also been touring as a backing vocalist for singer/rapper extraordinaire Sampa The Great. Check us out!

Environment After CoVid 19
Chapter 1: The World Around Us

Opinion: A New Perspective on the Environment After CoVid-19

There are ducks in the Barcaccia, dolphins inquisitively approaching Italian harbors and weeds colonizing urban spaces where human feet no longer tread: nature reconquering lost spaces is one of the short-term effects of this pandemic.

By Jan Claus Di Blasio, Gardens and Sustainability Coordinator

Some Notes from Isolation1
Chapter 1: The World Around Us

Some Notes from Isolation

Who else has begun to think of their lives as divided into the BC (Before Covid) and DC (During Covid) eras? Oh, those simple things we took for granted: catching some fresh air during a short afternoon walk in the park. Having a coffee at the corner bar. A long, leisurely weekend lunch with a friend. A spontaneous decision to go and see a movie. For that matter, a spontaneous decision merely to go and pick up milk and laundry soap at the grocery store.

By Moira Egan - Creative Writing Teacher
Loc3 thumb
Chapter 1: The World Around Us

I’m 15 and Quarantined in Italy—You’d Be Surprised What I Miss

I was in Latin class when the Italian government announced the closure of schools two months ago.

By Anthony Avallone '23
romance corona
Chapter 1: The World Around Us

Romance in the Time of Coronavirus

Right-wing populists are romantics. I know; that sounds strange. You probably imagine romantics staring out over misty moors, their hair blowing at an attractive angle, but make no mistake—Orban, Trump, Bolsonaro, Salvini, Le Pen? They’re romantics too.

By Jen Hollis - Former St. Stephen’s IB History Teacher
virus school 4
Chapter 1: The World Around Us

How a Virus Interrupted the Daily Routine at a Day and Boarding School

On Thursday, March 5th 2020, an unusual silence settled into the hallways, classrooms, and dorm rooms of St. Stephen’s School.

By Natalie Edwards '14 - RA and Dean's Office Assistant
Chapter 2: Creative Writing

Winners of the Keats-Shelley House Poetry Contest

In May, two St. Stephen’s students, Leila El-Zabri and Isabella Todini, won both of the prizes in the Upper School category of the Keats-Shelley Poetry Contest. This year’s judge was Jackie Kay, award-winning poet, author, and the current Scots Makar (the Scottish Poet Laureate). Ms. Kay was extremely impressed with the technical facility and emotional depth of our students’ work.

By Moira Egan - Creative Writing Teacher
creative writing
Chapter 2: Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Ms. Egan is proud to present work that has been done in her Creative Writing Classes in the Fall and Spring Semesters. Enjoy!

red dragon
Chapter 2: Creative Writing

Children of the Red Dragon

By Ilaria Chen, Grade 10
red riding hood
Chapter 2: Creative Writing

The Golden Children

By Sofia Ghilas '21
Chapter 4: Fall Trips 2019

Fall School Trips 2019

Welcome to our interactive Fall trips 2019 photo galleries. Click the albums for a visual journey through our adventures!

Chapter 3: Short Stories in Italian | Italian language

Viaggio intorno alle nostre camere

By Rossano Astremo - IB Italian Teacher
trips 2020 cover
Chapter 4: Fall Trips 2019

Why We Take School Trips

When students enter St. Stephen’s as 9th graders, they will attend eight trips in the course of their career. Trips are an integral part of our identity, and one of the most frequently cited distinctions when Head of School Eric Mayer speaks with parents and students.

By Cortile Staff Writer
Chapter 5: Departments | Molecular Genetics

Molecular Genetics, a Flagship Program

The Molecular Genetics program at St. Stephen's was introduced in 2018 in partnership with Adamas Scienze as a five-year initiative. Adamas Scienze is part of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Monterotondo, Italy that specializes in bringing university-level science to high school students.

By Fiona Leckie - Science Department Chair, Chemistry Teacher
five senses 2
Chapter 5: Departments | Classics, The Lyceum

An Archaeology for the Five Senses: A Lyceum Evening

On Monday evening, a group of students, teachers, alumni, and friends of St. Stephen’s gathered in the library to explore the sights, sounds, and, most importantly, the smells of Ancient Roman cities with Ann Kolosky-Ostrow, a Professor of Classical Studies at the University of Brandeis and recent Visiting Scholar at the American Academy of Rome.

By Natalie Edwards '14 - RA and Dean's Office Assistant
DC placeholder1
Chapter 5: Departments | International Baccalaureate (IB)

The Benefits of an IB Education

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is well respected and globally recognized as a very intensive, yet highly rewarding academic programme which is offered in high schools, like St. Stephen's. If you wish to pursue higher education in Europe, such as in the UK, Germany, or Finland, then the IB will be incredibly beneficial towards taking your first steps into university.

By David Rosales '16
city of rome
Chapter 5: Departments | Classics

Discovering Our City with the City of Rome Class

One of St. Stephen’s’ signature courses, Roman Topography, got an upgrade this year. The new course is called City of Rome. In the past, students were required to take either Roman Topography or Latin 1. Beginning in Fall 2019, all ninth graders take City of Rome and choose between three classical languages: Latin, Classical Greek, or Arabic.

By Natalie Edwards '14 - RA and Dean's Office Assistant
cortile sofia peng
Chapter 6: Student Life | Student Ambassador Program

Hi, I'm Sofia Peng, and I am a Student Ambassador!

I think that being a Student Ambassador made me grow so much. As a student, I concentrated mainly on my academics, yet I was never a talkative and outgoing person at school because I thought I wasn't a fluent English speaker. As it is not my first language, I have never really managed to speak comfortably around people other than my friends without feeling nervous about being judged. I always had a hard time dealing with my self-esteem and I doubted myself.

By Sofia Peng '22
Chapter 6: Student Life | Students Love Tech!

The iLab is the Place to Be at St. Stephen’s!

I think it would be safe to say that the Innovation Lab, the ILab for short, is my favorite place in the entire school. It allows for anyone with an interest in tech, design, or anything similar to enjoy themselves while also learning at the same time and pushing themselves beyond what they thought they were going to be able to do, ever.

By Valerio Pepe '22
life in the fast lane hero
Chapter 6: Student Life | Students Love Tech!, Formula 1

Life in the Fast Lane

When you think of Formula 1, you probably don’t think of engineering, aerodynamics, economics, marketing, and design yet these are just a few of the components that go into building the sleek race cars that characterize the sport.

By Natalie Edwards '14 - RA and Dean's Office Assistant
cortile smalling
Chapter 6: Student Life | Student Clubs, Chris Smalling

Tackling Inequality

AS Roma defender and Manchester United legend Chris Smalling was invited to talk to students of St. Stephen's School about equality in sports, his vegan diet, and, of course, football, on 2 December 2019.

By Laith Zehni '20
writing awards
Chapter 7: Scholastic Writing Awards

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, 2020

Again this year, St. Stephen’s Creative Writing teacher Moira Egan is delighted to present the work of her students, who achieved wonderful success in the Scholastic Art & Writing Competition for 2020. This year, students in Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 garnered 10 Honorable Mentions, 6 Silver Keys, and 2 Gold Keys.

By Moira Egan - Creative Writing Teacher
Grade 9 award
Chapter 7: Scholastic Writing Awards

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2020

By Moira Egan - Creative Writing Teacher
Grade 10 award
Chapter 7: Scholastic Writing Awards

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2020

By Moira Egan - Creative Writing Teacher
grades 11 12 thumb
Chapter 7: Scholastic Writing Awards

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2020

By Moira Egan - Creative Writing Teacher
winter arts show3
Chapter 8: The Arts

Winter Arts Show

Enjoy a visual showcase of our Winter Arts Show highlights.

By Luigi Fraboni - Photography Studio
cortile regenerative medicine 2
Chapter 9: Alumni | Alumni Spotlight

The Next Frontier in Health Care: A Review in Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine (RM) is an emerging and very exiting multidisciplinary field aimed at restoring, maintaining or enhancing tissue and, consequently, organ functions.

By David Rosales '16
Wahiba Sands
Chapter 9: Alumni | Alumni & Friends, Health & Wellness

Alumni & Friends in Oman

Our fearless leader Dr Helen Pope lead in October our 5th edition of Alumni & Friends Trip. A group of 10 alumni followed Dr Pope in Oman, The Land of Frankincense.

By Cortile Staff Writer
Chapter 9: Alumni

DC, NY & Boston Alumni Events

Images from St. Stephen's Alumni events across the North East last Fall.

Painting by Cate Whittemore 1972
Chapter 9: Alumni | Class Notes

Class Notes

Welcome to our first-ever digital 'Class Notes.' Enjoy the posts and images collated by Class Ambassadors from their respective years!