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Bianca Todini, Grade 9

Gold Key in Poetry

Crisp gusts of sharp winds whip my hair in circles.

Flushed faces and noses, rosy with cold.

As I walk home, my eyes linger on a wooden crate of pomegranates:

a guarded gate to the shop behind them.

I carefully pick two.

Deep crimson-tinted skin,

unscratched and pure of imperfections.

Cold hands exchange rusted drachmae for these cherry-tinted treasures.

I gently place them in my bag, as if they were made of porcelain,

and I continue to escape the cold.

Upon arriving home, I sit down and reach for the pomegranates.

The sharp knife slices cleanly through the tough skin as if it were butter.

Two sides pulled apart,

drops of blood spill out onto my hands and down my arms.

The cherry-tinted skin reveals its yellow underbelly

as the bloody fruit gets pulled apart to expose its treasure.

Shimmering, crimson rubies all stuck together:

a conglomerate of wine-colored sweetness.

To my pleasure, the jewels release with ease.

Persephone's downfall has become my nectarous treasure.

Garnet-stained fingers bring a handful of precious stones to my lips.

The fruit bursting in my mouth.

I lick my lips, searching for more sweetness remaining from the crimson rubies.

My lips are now stained along with my fingertips.

Permanent color, equal to the permanent urge for more:

Neither recede, even after soap and water douse my garnet-stained hands.


Nothing can compare to this heavenly fruit.

Godly Ambrosia sent down from the clouds .

To bless our lips, our hands, and anything they touch.

Adagio, poco a poco crescendo

by Phoebe Ciocca, Grade 9

Silver Key in Poetry

A halo of dense Pacific fog settles

on a vast teal enigma

of ceaseless shimmering waves,

Jagged black boulders

peppered across the coast.


Milk-foam crashes

at the feet of a cliff

lined with wispy lavender bushes

Swaying in the salty breeze,

Engaged in a lyrical dance.


Slender palms reach

for the silver sky,

watchful, shifting clouds

with lightning veins,

electric, purple prickles.


Fallen junipers sprinkle the damp earth

Small sprouts of spearmint

prance about the musky air,

the petrichor spiked with fragrance.


Pearly curtains close

over remaining light,

the wind howling goodbye.


Specks of people retreat to the sand,

riding on trusted wooden steeds

Coated in coloured streaks,

No longer yelling “Surf’s up!”


A symphony of seagulls

now glides above the empty abyss

A thunder-clash crashes from above

the sky begins its song:

Gentle droplets start to fall,

Tides turn flat.


The sun peeks out ever so slightly.


Phoebe Ciocca, Grade 9

Silver Key in Poetry

Gray masses cover the sky.

A cypress stands alone,




above infinite hills.


Hills in a soft cotton uniform,

questioned by nobody.




But the cypress is rough,

a proud dab of emerald

against a blank canvas. 


It stands tall,

floating on a blanket of mist,

so fragile,




It lurks everywhere,

sliding off the hills,

through the valley,



But the cypress clings to it,

for it knows it is not



It is a statue.


Admired from afar,

but unreachable,


yet still



The mist begins to vanish,


an inflamed orb replacing it,

melting the gray.


The world is bathed in baroque light.

Hills now radiant green.

The sky a screaming scarlet,

filling the canvas.


The mist is gone,

the cypress unprotected.


Surrounded by other colours,

the emerald fades.


The cypress shrinks.


Notes once strummed alone,

muffled by new sounds.


They grow smaller,


until they die out.




The cypress can no longer be seen.

Lost in all the colour,

it has become a monochrome.

Lavender-Colored Glasses

Bianca Todini, Grade 9

Silver Key in Poetry

The sky still sleeps when my eyes open.

My alarm rings in my ears.

Mindlessly, I get ready and leave.

Only then, the sky begins to stir.


I arrive at my destination

Cold winds push me towards a large door

Inside I am led up high, to the ceiling of a warehouse,

A bridge above the ground.

Below me, people scatter in unison, pushing tall metal carts of flowers,

a raging sea of color and floral aromas

35 million flowers…..

I can’t quantify numbers such as these;

they become background music.

I can only take in so much at a time.

My senses overloaded with beauty and surplus.


A cart of lavender, thousands of bundles, races before my eyes

Leaving a trail of sweet scent behind them.

I follow the trail blindly, letting my nose lead the way.

Their smell puts me in a periwinkle trance.


I am suspended in space,

A bubble floating up and up.

Far from life on Earth

I watch the world shrink as I rise towards her.


She is awake now, I fear I have woken her.

Her bright eyes blink at me.

They are stars, glittering in a navy sky.


She fills my head with sweet dreams.

They roll off her tongue like warm honey,

Putting me back to sleep,

Suffusing me with amaranthine dreams and a lilac reality.

Suddenly, Icarius’s curse hits me like a nightmare during a peaceful slumber.

The bubble pops as I am transported back down to Earth.


I hit the ground and blink away tears.

I miss her comforting words and embrace.

So I stare out, onto the sea of stems

And try to be satisfied with the what if ahead of me.


Maybe tonight I will be reunited with her, but until dark I shall wait,

daydreams must suffice for now.

to all the Gods on Earth,

Giulia Di Cicco, Grade 9

Honorable Mention in Poetry

I kindly beg you to listen

my single futile thought,

as Eyes began to glisten

and Head began to rot.


I implore you

and all your brawn,

to let Memory

and Head not be gone.


I no longer hear Memory’s

airy voice whispering

her fragile stories

and calm whistling.


I no longer see

those glittering colors

falling behind the

unlimited seas.


memories begin

to disintegrate in paltry fractions:

gentle God Air singing

in her pale tone;

furious God Sun

flaming innocent heads;

joyful God Animal happily

frightening trembling minds;

disheartening God Shadow

continuously kidnapping velvet lips.


I beg you to prevent Mind

from discarding me,

while rivers of velvet beads

soak what was left of those merry cheers.

Never wanted it to end

Lucy Panetta, Grade 9

Honorable Mention in Poetry

The long, annoying

train ride

but then to finally arrive

at a wonderful place.


The warm and comforting hugs,


long-lost memories

of some days

that you never wanted to end.


...the smell of fresh, new perfume,

while combing the long, soft hair

of the sweetest person ever…

the parties, the dancing, the music

...the stolen kisses

happened last night...


But then all these memories

make you sad,

once you leave

and return home.


The cold and hard feel

of nostalgia,

that makes you think

“I can’t wait to come back

and see you again.”

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Environment After CoVid 19
Chapter 1: The World Around Us

Opinion: A New Perspective on the Environment After CoVid-19

There are ducks in the Barcaccia, dolphins inquisitively approaching Italian harbors and weeds colonizing urban spaces where human feet no longer tread: nature reconquering lost spaces is one of the short-term effects of this pandemic.

By Jan Claus Di Blasio, Gardens and Sustainability Coordinator

Some Notes from Isolation1
Chapter 1: The World Around Us

Some Notes from Isolation

Who else has begun to think of their lives as divided into the BC (Before Covid) and DC (During Covid) eras? Oh, those simple things we took for granted: catching some fresh air during a short afternoon walk in the park. Having a coffee at the corner bar. A long, leisurely weekend lunch with a friend. A spontaneous decision to go and see a movie. For that matter, a spontaneous decision merely to go and pick up milk and laundry soap at the grocery store.

By Moira Egan - Creative Writing Teacher
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Chapter 1: The World Around Us

I’m 15 and Quarantined in Italy—You’d Be Surprised What I Miss

I was in Latin class when the Italian government announced the closure of schools two months ago.

By Anthony Avallone '23
romance corona
Chapter 1: The World Around Us

Romance in the Time of Coronavirus

Right-wing populists are romantics. I know; that sounds strange. You probably imagine romantics staring out over misty moors, their hair blowing at an attractive angle, but make no mistake—Orban, Trump, Bolsonaro, Salvini, Le Pen? They’re romantics too.

By Jen Hollis - Former St. Stephen’s IB History Teacher
virus school 4
Chapter 1: The World Around Us

How a Virus Interrupted the Daily Routine at a Day and Boarding School

On Thursday, March 5th 2020, an unusual silence settled into the hallways, classrooms, and dorm rooms of St. Stephen’s School.

By Natalie Edwards '14 - RA and Dean's Office Assistant
Chapter 2: Creative Writing

Winners of the Keats-Shelley House Poetry Contest

In May, two St. Stephen’s students, Leila El-Zabri and Isabella Todini, won both of the prizes in the Upper School category of the Keats-Shelley Poetry Contest. This year’s judge was Jackie Kay, award-winning poet, author, and the current Scots Makar (the Scottish Poet Laureate). Ms. Kay was extremely impressed with the technical facility and emotional depth of our students’ work.

By Moira Egan - Creative Writing Teacher
creative writing
Chapter 2: Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Ms. Egan is proud to present work that has been done in her Creative Writing Classes in the Fall and Spring Semesters. Enjoy!

red dragon
Chapter 2: Creative Writing

Children of the Red Dragon

By Ilaria Chen, Grade 10
red riding hood
Chapter 2: Creative Writing

The Golden Children

By Sofia Ghilas '21
Chapter 4: Fall Trips 2019

Fall School Trips 2019

Welcome to our interactive Fall trips 2019 photo galleries. Click the albums for a visual journey through our adventures!

Chapter 3: Short Stories in Italian | Italian language

Viaggio intorno alle nostre camere

By Rossano Astremo - IB Italian Teacher
trips 2020 cover
Chapter 4: Fall Trips 2019

Why We Take School Trips

When students enter St. Stephen’s as 9th graders, they will attend eight trips in the course of their career. Trips are an integral part of our identity, and one of the most frequently cited distinctions when Head of School Eric Mayer speaks with parents and students.

By Cortile Staff Writer
Chapter 5: Departments | Molecular Genetics

Molecular Genetics, a Flagship Program

The Molecular Genetics program at St. Stephen's was introduced in 2018 in partnership with Adamas Scienze as a five-year initiative. Adamas Scienze is part of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Monterotondo, Italy that specializes in bringing university-level science to high school students.

By Fiona Leckie - Science Department Chair, Chemistry Teacher
five senses 2
Chapter 5: Departments | Classics, The Lyceum

An Archaeology for the Five Senses: A Lyceum Evening

On Monday evening, a group of students, teachers, alumni, and friends of St. Stephen’s gathered in the library to explore the sights, sounds, and, most importantly, the smells of Ancient Roman cities with Ann Kolosky-Ostrow, a Professor of Classical Studies at the University of Brandeis and recent Visiting Scholar at the American Academy of Rome.

By Natalie Edwards '14 - RA and Dean's Office Assistant
DC placeholder1
Chapter 5: Departments | International Baccalaureate (IB)

The Benefits of an IB Education

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is well respected and globally recognized as a very intensive, yet highly rewarding academic programme which is offered in high schools, like St. Stephen's. If you wish to pursue higher education in Europe, such as in the UK, Germany, or Finland, then the IB will be incredibly beneficial towards taking your first steps into university.

By David Rosales '16
city of rome
Chapter 5: Departments | Classics

Discovering Our City with the City of Rome Class

One of St. Stephen’s’ signature courses, Roman Topography, got an upgrade this year. The new course is called City of Rome. In the past, students were required to take either Roman Topography or Latin 1. Beginning in Fall 2019, all ninth graders take City of Rome and choose between three classical languages: Latin, Classical Greek, or Arabic.

By Natalie Edwards '14 - RA and Dean's Office Assistant
cortile sofia peng
Chapter 6: Student Life | Student Ambassador Program

Hi, I'm Sofia Peng, and I am a Student Ambassador!

I think that being a Student Ambassador made me grow so much. As a student, I concentrated mainly on my academics, yet I was never a talkative and outgoing person at school because I thought I wasn't a fluent English speaker. As it is not my first language, I have never really managed to speak comfortably around people other than my friends without feeling nervous about being judged. I always had a hard time dealing with my self-esteem and I doubted myself.

By Sofia Peng '22
Chapter 6: Student Life | Students Love Tech!

The iLab is the Place to Be at St. Stephen’s!

I think it would be safe to say that the Innovation Lab, the ILab for short, is my favorite place in the entire school. It allows for anyone with an interest in tech, design, or anything similar to enjoy themselves while also learning at the same time and pushing themselves beyond what they thought they were going to be able to do, ever.

By Valerio Pepe '22
life in the fast lane hero
Chapter 6: Student Life | Students Love Tech!, Formula 1

Life in the Fast Lane

When you think of Formula 1, you probably don’t think of engineering, aerodynamics, economics, marketing, and design yet these are just a few of the components that go into building the sleek race cars that characterize the sport.

By Natalie Edwards '14 - RA and Dean's Office Assistant
cortile smalling
Chapter 6: Student Life | Student Clubs, Chris Smalling

Tackling Inequality

AS Roma defender and Manchester United legend Chris Smalling was invited to talk to students of St. Stephen's School about equality in sports, his vegan diet, and, of course, football, on 2 December 2019.

By Laith Zehni '20
writing awards
Chapter 7: Scholastic Writing Awards

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, 2020

Again this year, St. Stephen’s Creative Writing teacher Moira Egan is delighted to present the work of her students, who achieved wonderful success in the Scholastic Art & Writing Competition for 2020. This year, students in Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 garnered 10 Honorable Mentions, 6 Silver Keys, and 2 Gold Keys.

By Moira Egan - Creative Writing Teacher
Grade 9 award
Chapter 7: Scholastic Writing Awards

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2020

By Moira Egan - Creative Writing Teacher
Grade 10 award
Chapter 7: Scholastic Writing Awards

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2020

By Moira Egan - Creative Writing Teacher
grades 11 12 thumb
Chapter 7: Scholastic Writing Awards

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2020

By Moira Egan - Creative Writing Teacher
winter arts show3
Chapter 8: The Arts

Winter Arts Show

Enjoy a visual showcase of our Winter Arts Show highlights.

By Luigi Fraboni - Photography Studio
cortile regenerative medicine 2
Chapter 9: Alumni | Alumni Spotlight

The Next Frontier in Health Care: A Review in Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine (RM) is an emerging and very exiting multidisciplinary field aimed at restoring, maintaining or enhancing tissue and, consequently, organ functions.

By David Rosales '16
Wahiba Sands
Chapter 9: Alumni | Alumni & Friends, Health & Wellness

Alumni & Friends in Oman

Our fearless leader Dr Helen Pope lead in October our 5th edition of Alumni & Friends Trip. A group of 10 alumni followed Dr Pope in Oman, The Land of Frankincense.

By Cortile Staff Writer
Chapter 9: Alumni

DC, NY & Boston Alumni Events

Images from St. Stephen's Alumni events across the North East last Fall.

Painting by Cate Whittemore 1972
Chapter 9: Alumni | Class Notes

Class Notes

Welcome to our first-ever digital 'Class Notes.' Enjoy the posts and images collated by Class Ambassadors from their respective years!