Learning at St. Stephen’s extends beyond the classroom and forms an integral part of a student’s extra-curricular involvement. One of the primary ways this takes place is through CAS, which in the IB stands for Creativity, Activity, Service, and is meant to extend traditional in-class learning by helping students connect with their communities.

CAS is an IB requirement, but ideally should not be an activity that students feel obligated to do, rather, it should be an enterprise that they want to do. Participation in CAS encourages all students to be involved in creative pursuits, physical activities and sport, and service projects in Rome, throughout Italy, and all over the world.

In sum, CAS challenges students to think differently, learn more about themselves, develop awareness of the world around them, become more open-minded, work cooperatively with others, and become better citizens.

The overall goals of the CAS program are to develop students who:

  • are reflective thinkers
  • understand their own strengths and limitations
  • can identify goals and devise strategies for personal growth
  • are willing to accept new challenges and roles
  • are aware of themselves as members of communities
  • feel responsibility toward others and the environment
  • are active participants in collaborative projects
  • can balance IB coursework with CAS activities and projects

At St. Stephen's, CAS coordinators monitor activities that provide IB students with opportunities for artistic and athletic endeavors, as well as community service around Rome. These experiences are reinforced by monitored self-reflection and a detailed goal-setting process.


CAS activities span the entire two-year IB program at St. Stephen's, and students are required to participate in parallel activities in the first two years as well.

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