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As we are more connected globally to one another, the study of economics becomes increasingly important as it builds awareness of how things are exchanged, how they flourish and how they survive within multiple markets.

IB Economics at St. Stephen's Rome awakens a student's sense of the broader modern world and the forces that shape current events. Over two years, students explore the fundamental principles of the discipline and a wide range of economic interpretations - orthodox and alternative - that help them answer questions about the world around them.

In our courses students develop an understanding that human attitudes and beliefs are widely diverse and that the study of society requires an appreciation of such diversity

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"A global economy is characterized not only by the free movement of goods and services but, more important, by the free movement of ideas and of capital."

George Soros

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History provides us with a frame of reference. Through its instructive examples, it informs, educates and supports common cultural understanding and dialogue. Students of history at St. Stephen’s develop a keen interest in historical discourse as they learn that history is what satisfies our need for identity and gives us invaluable insight for future generations.

In this age of the World Wide Web and globalism, knowledge of the larger world as well as the analysis of the impact of past events, is increasingly important. Our four-year program instills a lasting awareness of the fundamental political, cultural, and socioeconomic forces that have shaped our society. Using one of the world's great museums of history - the city of Rome - students interact and explore on a personal level while teachers assist their growth, encouraging open-mindedness and critical thinking.