Reading Hamlet
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The St. Stephen's English Department creates an inquiry-based, student-centered learning environment, where instruction encourages critical thinking, reading and writing. Students learn to explore both the literary and cultural dimensions of the subject, which enhances their analytical skills, creativity and imagination.

Through active discourse, students develop an appreciation of how the texts they study connect to other texts, their lives and the world around them. The department nurtures an appreciation of language and cultivates communication skills by further developing students' abilities to clearly and persuasively express their ideas, both orally and in writing.

Portrait of Oliver Wendell Holmes

"Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow."

Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Situated in Rome, at the crossroads of many cultures, the Modern Language Department at St. Stephen’s promotes the principle that knowledge of other languages is an essential asset for any individual in today's world as globalization, mobility and communication are bringing societies closer together. Students who develop a proficiency in a foreign language not only have sharper cognitive and life skills, but also have a heightened sense of global and cultural awareness.

Our program is designed to help students develop an appreciation for structure and the role of language itself. We offer Italian, French and Spanish as foreign languages and Italian as a first language. Through their studies, students concentrate on acquiring receptive, productive and interactive language skills as well as enhancing their intellectual abilities and creative expression.