The first pillar of the 50th Anniversary Campaign is to secure academic excellence at St. Stephen’s through increased faculty support. St. Stephen’s must raise additional resources to hire and retain an outstanding corps of educators. Our goal for the 50th Anniversary Faculty Support Initiative is to raise $2,000,000.

The Ask

 A Campaign commitment in support of the Faculty Support Initiative will help ensure that St. Stephen’s tradition of academic excellence continues and that the talented young teachers of today become the legendary educators of tomorrow. 


A strong and stable faculty is at the core of our ability to maintain the highest standards of academic excellence. To ensure students reach their full potential and are well-prepared for university, we must find innovative ways to hire new faculty members with the latest knowledge and skills, as well as the passion to motivate and engage students. Additionally, existing faculty must be given more professional development opportunities and other incentives to ensure that we retain the best scholars and teachers possible. More than anything, faculty need more time in their schedules to take advantage of such opportunities.

The 50th Anniversary Campaign seeks to address the challenges associated with securing and retaining top-notch educators regardless of their personal circumstances. Critical resources will be sought to endow a faculty position – St. Stephen’s School’s first ever. We also seek support to hire flexible research assistant positions in the sciences and humanities to assist faculty so that they may be free to dedicate their time to professional development and research.


The 50th Anniversary Faculty Support Initiative will provide the Head of School the flexibility to respond immediately and aggressively to recruit and retain top faculty, thereby securing St. Stephen’s School’s tradition of academic excellence and positioning our students to excel at university and beyond.

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