Do we need to bring our own linens?

No, towels and sheets are provided for you, and fresh linens are provided weekly.

Should I bring my laptop?

This is up to you. The school has a computer lab with internet and printers available for students to use. Many students do choose to bring their own computers, in order to stay in touch with family and friends while on the program. The school has free wireless internet access. We ask that if you do bring your laptop, you are particularly careful to lock your dorm room when you are not there.

Should I bring my cell phone?

Yes. All students should have a working cell phone that is activated for use while in Italy. Contact your cell phone provider for more information about an overseas plan to use while abroad.. You should be able to make calls to your home country and within Italy during your stay.

Is there a laundry facility on the school's campus?

Yes. There are washing machines and dryers in the lower level of the school. Both are free to use; you will be asked only to provide your own soap (which you can buy just across the street from campus).

Can I stay with, or go to dinner with, friends or family in (or close to) Rome while I'm on the program?

Usually this is not a problem, if your guardians have given you permission. The local family should contact the school and make clear arrangements.

Do students share rooms?

Yes. All dorm rooms at the school are double or triple rooms.

Can I request to room with another student?

Yes. Please send the request via email, to the Director, at:

Is financial aid available?

Yes, there is limited financial aid for students demonstrating need. Please email the Director, at: for more information.

How much spending money should I bring?

We suggest between 300 - 500 Euro.

What is the best way for me to bring spending money?

You have two options (see below). We strongly encourage the first option, as it is the option with the least risk, and it is the most convenient. If you choose this option, you must check with your bank first, that your ATM card is activated for use in Italy.

  • Bring an ATM card which you may use at any machine here in Rome (“bancomat”) to take out money from your account in your home country. The cash you take out here will be in Euro.
  • Bring cash to Rome and exchange it for Euro while here, or exchange cash into euros before leaving your home country.

Do we receive academic credit for participation in the programs?

The St. Stephen's School summer programs are enrichment programs. You will not receive academic credit, but you will receive assessments from your instructors. You may also request a certificate of attendance, at the end of the summer session.

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