Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose how my gift is used?

Yes, although most donors leave their gifts unrestricted to ensure that their gifts will be used to address our most urgent needs.

How can I participate? Can I pledge over time?

Our campaign offers a wide range of gift opportunities to participate at all levels. You may choose a plan that provides you with both flexibility and time to complete the payment of your pledge. Because our needs are urgent, we encourage you to complete your pledge within five years.

Is my pledge legally binding? Will it be confidential?

No, a pledge is a gift, one you consider to be meaningful to you. All we ask is that you do your best and advise us of any financial changes that will impact your pledge. All pledges will be kept as confidential as possible. Only the people responsible for maintaining the records will have access to your pledge.

To what extent are campaign commitments tax deductible?

Gifts to the campaign are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law of the country in which you file your taxes. The application of such laws varies with individual circumstances. Donors with specific questions regarding tax deductibility should contact their attorneys.

Who will be asked to support the “Securing Academic Excellence for the Next 50 Years” Campaign?

All alumni, current and past parents, faculty and staff, friends, corporations, foundations, and many others will be asked for consideration of a gift to the campaign.

How will the campaign affect my annual giving?

Annual giving will continue to provide support for ongoing academic, athletic, and fine/ visual arts programs and will be counted towards the campaign goal of $3 million. During the campaign, volunteers and school officials will ask everyone to make pledges above and beyond their regular annual giving. In the long term, similar campaigns have actually caused increases in annual giving by raising the sights of the donors.

Are pledges the only kind of gifts?

While such gifts will be the type most often made to the campaign, other types such as gifts of stock or deferred gifts such as naming St. Stephen’s as the beneficiary of a charitable remainder trust or gift annuity are also options.

Can trust and estate gifts be made to the “Securing Academic Excellence for the Next 50 Years” campaign?

We hope that everyone will consider a pledge of a cash or securities as part of their commitment to the Campaign. In addition, because the goals of the Campaign are to secure academic excellence for the future of St. Stephen’s, trust and estate gifts are most welcome. For more information please contact the Development Office to discuss the options available in making such a gift.

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