"What man is, only history tells." — George Mosse

History provides us with a frame of reference. Through its instructive examples, it informs, educates and supports common cultural understanding and dialogue. Students of history at St. Stephen’s develop a keen interest in historical discourse as they learn that history is what satisfies our need for identity and gives us invaluable insight for future generations.


In this age of the World Wide Web and globalism, knowledge of the larger world as well as the analysis of the impact of past events, is increasingly important. Our four-year program instills a lasting awareness of the fundamental political, cultural, and socioeconomic forces that have shaped our society. Using one of the world's great museums of history - the city of Rome - students interact and explore on a personal level while teachers assist their growth, encouraging open-mindedness and critical thinking.


History at St. Stephen's:

  • focuses on the nature of history as a course of study in order to emphasize analytical thinking about issues in the modern world
  • introduces students to the fundamentals of historical writing and research while developing a critical approach to sources
  • uses Rome as the classroom to emphasize a hands-on approach to this discipline
  • delivers a cohesive, coherent program of study that spans from the classical period to the modern era

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