The curriculum at St. Stephen's integrates IT classes and ECDL examinations in order that students can learn essential skills and knowledge to advance in this discipline. This includes, but is not limited to, a detailed study of the MSOffice package and math graphics software. Students also explore other applications and put their computer skills to practical and creative use in the film club, digital photography and arts courses as well as music classes.

Information Technology – Grades 9 & 10

IT 9 meets once a week in the first semester and IT 10 meets once a week in the second semester. In order to satisfy the St. Stephen's graduation requirements, all students will be requested to take a "Computer Proficiency Exam" based on the International Computer Driving License program.


Students will have to be familiar with and know how to use the computer tools in the following areas:


  • Basic Concepts of Information Technology (IT)
  • Using the computer and managing files; hardware structure and electronic components; operating systems (Windows)
  • Word Processing (Microsoft Word)
  • Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel)
  • Databases (Microsoft Access)
  • Presentations (Microsoft Power Point, Web editors)
  • Information and Communication: Internet research, e-mail, file transfers, network concepts.

Computer 9

Concepts of Hardware, Software, Networks. Concepts of Digital Citizenship. Analysis and use of the full Google Suite. Analysis and use of some Microsoft programs. Concepts of video and audio editing with VideoPad. Creation of educational videos.

Computer 10

This course is an introduction to computer coding using the language Python version 3.5.0.


In this semester course students will explore the logic of coding and learn how "programmers think". In the first part students will learn the basic functions included in a program and will create simple programs to solve math problems and simple games. In the second part students will explore the graphic interface of Python (Pygame) to create a simple version of an interactive game.

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