Is Boarding for You?

Boarders supporting A.S. Roma

The decision to board is an important one. We recognize that students may have concerns about the initial physical separation from family and friends or the adjustment to a new environment. To respond to these sensitive and very real issues, we strive to create an environment where students can depend on the support of the school’s boarding faculty to feel safe and secure. Whether a student chooses to pursue either the International Baccalaureate Program or an American high school diploma, our rigorous academic expectations focus students on their studies and scholastic achievement. Students learn to value time management and work to balance their studies with co-curricular activities, sports and cultural excursions, as well as time for themselves and friends. The St. Stephen’s boarding experience offers students every opportunity to:

  • be part of a proud community that fosters relationships between students and faculty;
  • be in an environment where self-reliance and independence are valued and nurtured;
  • benefit from guidelines that provide a structure to ease the transition from home to boarding life;
  • have a balance between a variety of extracurricular and athletic programs with a rigorous college preparatory curriculum;
  • partake in volunteer outreach programs that promote development outside the classroom.

When making your decision to board, we suggest that you contact our Admissions Office to schedule a visit and guided tour. We are always interested in hearing from you and look forward to answering your questions.