"A different language is a different vision of life." Federico Fellini

Situated in Rome, at the crossroads of many cultures, the Modern Language Department at St. Stephen’s promotes the principle that knowledge of other languages is an essential asset for any individual in today's world as globalization, mobility and communication are bringing societies closer together. Students who develop a proficiency in a foreign language not only have sharper cognitive and life skills, but also have a heightened sense of global and cultural awareness.


Our program is designed to help students develop an appreciation for structure and the role of language itself. We offer Italian, French and Spanish as foreign languages and Italian as a first language. Through their studies, students concentrate on acquiring receptive, productive and interactive language skills as well as enhancing their intellectual abilities and creative expression.


Modern Languages at St. Stephen's:

  • promote an appreciation of the wealth and subtleties of language
  • heighten awareness of language as a means of expression and communication and enhance students' capacity for expression
  • encourage students to engage freely in conversation and to explore the culture(s) connected to the language studied
  • broaden outlooks on other cultures by studying original language texts covering an extensive range of topics
  • promote enjoyment and interest in the literature and cinema of different cultures


Italian as a First Language at St. Stephen's:

  • fosters an appreciation of craft in a variety of genres
  • develops critical reading strategies that allow students to interpret, evaluate and appreciate challenging texts
  • study of texts from a wide range of places and time periods
  • inspires students, through their writing, to assimilate their critical reading experiences with the world around them
  • encourages students to be articulate speakers who use language appropriately

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