At St. Stephen’s School, we believe that an inclusionary model is the most effective way of supporting students with special needs. Our mission is to cultivate what is highest and best in students with exceptionalities in the least restrictive environment and with an appropriate Learning Plan. St. Stephen’s has the capacity to support some students with special needs.

This may include students who are gifted, ESL, or have mild to moderate learning disabilities, such as ADD/ADHD, dyscalculia, dyslexia, emotional disabilities, and physical disabilities. We review each application to our school carefully to ensure that all qualified students will be appropriately served.


Direct services for students with exceptionalities at St. Stephen’s School include:

  • Study skills support and homework assistance
  • Behavior management support
  • Tutoring (both teacher and peer)
  • Math Peer Tutoring
  • Writing center
  • Social/Emotional counseling
  • English language support

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