"The essence of mathematics is in its freedom." — Georg Cantor

Through inquiry-based instruction and integrated technology, the mathematics courses at St. Stephen's encourage students to embrace the universality of math and understand its pervasive influence on our everyday lives. With a focus on patterns and structure, methodology, problem-solving, logical analysis and deductive reasoning students are challenged to reach their full potential while engaged in a demanding program of study.


As the essence of mathematics is, at its core, a search for truth that can be verified by irrefutable proof, we train students to construct careful and rigorous arguments, to think logically and critically and to use the language of mathematics with precision both orally and in writing. Through the study of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, probability and calculus, students appreciate the important role mathematics plays in a modern society.


To further support and challenge their understanding, we also utilize a range of resources, including peer tutoring, math laboratory, and math competition activities.



Mathematics at St. Stephen's:

  • encourages students' persistence and creativity in problem solving
  • teaches students to use technology, allowing a multiple representation of concepts and enhancing their understanding and knowledge of mathematics
  • develops student confidence in mathematics and encourages them to take responsibility for their own learning
  • increases students' awareness of the structures that unify the branches of mathematics
  • fosters an appreciation of mathematics from an historical perspective

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