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Alumni Mentorship Program

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Our community is unique in its diversity. Not only cultural, our diversity extends to location and profession. To better connect alumni/ae with one another and with current students, Alumni/ae Mentors are volunteers willing to work with current students, recent college graduates and young alumni/ae in a career transition. From offering advice on career paths, facilitating internships and helping young people to network, these volunteers are helping to strengthen our community around the world and continue the St. Stephen's experience of close relationships built upon trust and care.

Mentors are featured here on the website. If you are interested in becoming a St. Stephen’s Mentor or Mentee, please take a moment to fill out our questionnaires by clicking on the links below. For more information about getting connected, please contact the Alumni Relations Coordinator:

mentors/Fabrizio Catalano Head shot

Fabrizio Catalano

Class of 2001

mentors/Francesco Cesarini

Francesco Cesarini

Class of 1989

mentors/tommaso cruciani

Tommaso Cruciani

Class of 2011

mentors/patrick allberg

Patrick Hallberg

Class of 2007

mentors/kyojiro ikeda

Kyojiro Ikeda

Class of 1999

mentors/samantha lotti

Samantha Lotti

Class of 2003

mentors/Andy Miller

Andy Miller

Class of 1970

mentors/Melissa Owen

Melissa Owen

Class of 2012

mentors/diana paredes

Diana Paredes

Class of 2002

mentors/Mick Reed Headshot

Mick Reed

Class of 1989

mentors/Fabiana De Rose

Fabiana De Rose

Class of 1990

mentors/ascanio rossini

Ascanio Rossini

Class of 2014

mentors/joelle schon

Joelle Schon

Class of 1969

mentors/natalia trossero

Natalia Trossero

Class of 1997

mentors/ettore vulcano

Ettore Vulcano, M.D.

Class of 2001

mentors/jessica zama

Jessica Zama

Class of 2002