Message from the Chair of the Board

Jeff Schon, Chair of the Board

"As Trustees we have to keep our eye on the present but we work on vision, mission and strategy to chart what the school can become in the future."


Jeff Schon, ’69 Chair of Trustees

The Board of Trustees has many things to be proud of as we look at the academic achievements of our students: the establishment of academic flagship programs like The Lyceum, a burgeoning robotics program and iLabs, the introduction of an innovative genetics program in our science department, the adoption of our third five-year Strategic Plan, the School’s first real estate purchase at Aventina 7 for use in boarding and completing our first Capital Campaign by overachieving our goal of $3,000,000.

I want to take this opportunity to thank not just the Head of School, the administration and the faculty who make these achievements possible but also the work of my fellow Trustees. The Trustees, as a group, are legally responsible for the School. It is our responsibility to work with the school’s leadership to ensure the school’s well-being. We work through committees such as the Governance, Finance, Development, Investment, Education and Building Committees but make major decisions as a full board. As Trustees, we have to keep our eye on the present, but we work on vision, mission and strategy to chart what the school can become in the future.

We currently number 26 trustees with 10 residing in Italy. We all have a deep connection to the School and are comprised of alumni/ae, past or current parents, past or present faculty and administrators.

We have a great mix of new and long-serving trustees with an average of thirteen years of service. The challenges and demands of trusteeship are considerable; we give of our time and provide financial support. In the School’s last fiscal year, the total dollars contributed by trustees was $203,000. We are not paid for our work but consider it an honor to be part of making the School a success. We have the satisfaction of knowing we are working to provide a transformative experience for our students.