St. Stephen's Students at THIMUN in the Hague this Week!

Seven students from St. Stephen's traveled to the Hague this week with IB Italian teacher Fabio Boccuni to attend THIMUN, the largest and most prestigious Model United Nations conference in Europe.


During this five-day simulation of the United Nations for high schools, our students are representing Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the theme of the conference is "Sustainable Urbanization".


We hope they do well.  Stay tuned for photos and updates on our Facebook page.



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St. Stephen's Soccer Champions!

In a weekend soccer competition with other international schools, St. Stephen's boys' soccer team won against the American School of Naples and the Sir James Henderson School of Milan. They landed first place with 3 wins and 1 draw. Woohoo, St. Stephen's! Here's to many more! 

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"Humans of Rome" - St. Stephen's Students Making a Difference During the Winter Holiday

St. Stephen's has a new student club! "Humans of Rome," which includes students of all grades, is dedicated to helping Rome's homeless population.  Led by 11th graders Olivia Y. and Alexia L., here's how the club's members spent their winter vacation. Their summary is below:

As the holidays were approaching, we knew we had to seize this opportunity to organise a project. We wanted to find an effective way to distribute food and toiletries to homeless people in Rome, reminding them that they are not forgotten, not even during the holiday season.


With the money we raised, we were able to purchase fruit, dry biscuits, chocolate, soap, handkerchiefs, and most importantly, two thermoses in which we carried hot beverages to compensate for the cold outside. Usually, we organise larger excursions where we distribute roughly the same items in addition to clothing and blankets. However, since this occurred during the holidays, we were not able to access our storage box in school so we decided to buy more food to compensate for the lack of clothing.


So essentially, we went around asking the homeless people we encountered, whether they felt like eating or drinking something. They were all very cordial and enthusiastic to share quite heartbreaking fragments from their pasts, which brought them to a rather miserable present. They were also all very curious about our seemingly innate philanthropy, so we explained that we founded a club in school for this very purpose: "To affect the quality of the day is the finest of arts"(Henry David Thoreau). Changing people's lives with so little is a rather intangible goal, but we firmly believe that affecting one's day is a start.

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