Iconic Images from Spring Trips 2016

From Portugal and the Algarve Coast to Thessaloniki, Barcelona, Bosnia and Tashkent, students and faculty enjoyed a week of trekking and sightseeing, cultural exploration and historical discovery during Spring Trips 2016. From the sandy beaches of the Island of Goree in Senegal to the mountains of Tbilisi, Georgia, there was no shortage of activities, new adventures and experiences for our students!


To create a record of each trip, trip leaders and students sent photos, created diaries and one group leader even created a mini trip website to log all the day-to-day activities of their experience in Jordan!

Below you will find a link to many of our photos and our new mini website from Jordan.



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From Senegal and the Island of Goree...

...our students are enjoying their trip, which has so far included daily drumming, dance and cooking classes, as well as arts and crafts work with children at the local primary school. Our students have also had time for a friendly football game against the kitchen staff and friends of the restaurant where the St Stephen's trip group eats every day.


Faculty members Beatrice Musili and Agnes Martin who are leading the trip have set a busy schedule and have built in opportunities for continual cultural exchanges and interaction with the residents of Goree in order to maximize their week in Senegal.  The trip has also been immensely useful for students of French who have been able to practice their language skills on a daily basis.


Have a look at our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for more updates from Senegal and other trips.  The Senegal Trip Gallery can be found here.

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Next Stop on Spring Trips: Uzbekistan!

Students explore the wonders of Uzebekistan with Dr. Helen Pope, Classics teacher and Elizabeth DiCataldo, School Librarian.


Remember to check our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for more updates on Spring Trips!

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