Spring Trips 2017

The trip program at St. Stephen’s is an integral part of the curriculum and a cherished tradition of the school that spans its nearly fifty-three-year history.


Embedded in the core principles of the school’s philosophy is the idea that travel inspires a more profound sense of cultural awareness, deeper intellectual and personal growth, and development of healthy curiosity in every student. Trips are seen as an appropriate complement to fulfilling a student’s educational experience.


Every spring, our adventurous trip leaders design tours for nearly three hundred students so they may explore destinations of the distant regions that were once part of the Roman Empire, and beyond.


Spring 2017 trips include visits to Croatia, Greece, Crete, Romania, Prague, and far away as Senegal! 


To receive frequent updates on Spring trips, please check out Latest News on the School's home page and you can always follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages! 



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Greetings from Lucerna Palace in Prague!

What is a visit to Prague without David Cerny! Cerny, the Czech sculptor, is provocative and daring with his works of art--all of which can be seen at various, unexpected locations throughout this beautiful city. Here, in Lucerna Palace's central atrium, his sculpture of a dead horse being ridden by St. Wenceslas is an ironic twist on the St. Wenceslas statue in the square outside.


Interestsed in learning about what else our students are seeing in Prague? Check out St. Stephen's social media pages: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for frequent updates.


You can also check in on the School's home page for posts on Latest News. 


So stay tuned for more!

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Gone Surfin'!

That's right, our students and faculty have gone surfing on the Algarve coast of Portugal, where they will also meditate, do yoga, and go hiking. Each day, time is also dedicated to writing, drawing and reflection.


Keep up with news from the Algarve coast and all other St. Stephen's School trips on our social media pages: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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