St. Stephen's Students Participate in Ceramics and More 2018 on October 6 & 7!

Thanks to St Stephen's Sculpture teacher Anita Guerra, twenty-two sculpture students are participating in a project based on their favourite food for this year's Ceramics and More exhibit in the Museo delle Civiltà-Museo delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari in EUR, Pza. Guglielmo Marconi 8, on October 6th and 7th.


The two classes will join their ceramic dishes into one presentation: a table, set with cutlery and all of the utensils, in order to simulate a real banquet.




A questo punto inizia l’avventura della IV edizione di Ceramics and more.


Quest’anno partiamo con un po’ di anticipo per evitare di lavorare troppo frettolosamente nell’ultimo periodo.


Come vedrete ci saranno delle novità organizzative ed espositive, in quanto nel salone degli Onori non ci sono più le vetrine delle regioni, avendo così maggiore spazio e visibilità.


Per chi lo desidera c’è la possibilità di prese di corrente, solo per i due lati del salone.


Ci sarà un video da 50 “ per dare più visibilità alle dimostrazioni, con riprese dal vivo.


Le dimostrazioni si faranno sempre su di una pedana in fondo al salone.


Ci sarà sempre della musica dal vivo che ci accompagnerà per i due giorni di mostra.


E poi ci sarà un contest dove il pubblico voterà l’espositore preferito tramite dei coupon che verranno consegnati all’ingresso, il conteggio dei coupon verrà fatto domenica sera, e verrà proclamato l’espositore più votato.

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St. Stephen's is in the news this month!

Wanted in Rome has published an article that features the work of an interdisciplinary collaboration between the students from the SSS Roman Topography course and the Digital Photo course.   Roman Topography teacher Inge Weustink and Digital Photography teacher Liana Miuccio co-wrote the article.  Congratulations to all the students' work displayed in the article!
Click here to read the article. 
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Register Now for The New Clown Therapy Course at St. Stephen's

CLOWN THERAPY COURSE - 2018-2019 at St. Stephen’s School


Interested in participating in a Clown Therapy Course?

Sign Up Now!


Starting in the Fall of 2018, St. Stephen’s students can take part in a very unique experience as part of their Service Learning or IB CAS experience; they can learn the skills needed to become a “Volontario del sorriso”.


This is a very unique course offered only at St. Stephen’s in which students will meet once a week from October 2018 through April 2019 and learn from local clown doctors from Gemelli Hospital and La Casa di Andrea how important it is to work with children who are suffering from life threatening diseases. The skills students will learn can be applied directly to their volunteer work at La Casa di Andrea.


There are 15 places available and lessons will take place on Wednesdays in the Cultural Center from 4pm to 5pm. If you are interested in signing up for this course, please send an email (parents) to organizer Ms. Jacquet at before September the 14.


Please note: As the clown therapists who teach the course are volunteers, students who register for the course may off a donation to the Casa Di Andrea of 160 Euros for the year for 20 lessons.

The following is a short explanation of the experience from 10th grade club member Maria Gabriella C.


“Clown therapy has been a really special activity. It helped me to understand how difficult it is to imagine what these children have to face on a daily basis. It has been a stress releasing activity and it helped me to forget about any insignificant problems in my life. Clown therapy made me discover how beautiful it is to see the world with different eyes and to develop respect towards each other. I

discovered that I live better without judging anything. I understood, thanks to some exercises, how to travel with my mind, using only my imagination. In the course, we always play with emotions, we open up to other people, and it's reassuring to know that we are not alone, that there's always someone out there to help and to make us feel better. Clown therapy has been an amazing experience because it teaches us how to live a life full of joy and unity and how to apply those feelings in order to help others.”


For more information about the methodology, click here.

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