Keats-Shelley House Poetry Prize Awarded to St Stephen's Tenth Grade Student Cristina Rizzo!

Congratulations to St Stephen's tenth grader Cristina Rizzo for having won one of the prestigious Keats-Shelley House Poetry Prizes this year in the category Poems in English age 14-18. This award comes on the heels of her having won one of the two Poetry Prizes conferred by the St. Stephen's Arts Department, as well as three Scholastic Writing Awards this year! That's quite an accomplishment! The award ceremony takes place tomorrow, June 6th, at Piazza di Spagna.


Cristina's poem for which she won the Keats-Shelley House Poetry Prize is below. 


Cristina Rizzo


                 After Wilfred Owen


Spleens are thrust on the ground,

While legs squelch through

Lakes of cardinal red.


Rough metals clank and cut

Through clumps of contracting

Muscles, tissues.


Blades taste like ice

On the shivering skins

Of those


Who’ve feebly fought

For fathers

For fatherlands


Which few will

Fail to satisfy

And exalt.


While out will come others,

Not braver men,

But perhaps on better terms with chance,


Who’ll lie, alive, in luscious,

Luxurious praises and gains

But whose minds will have broken.


Therefore I give these words

To whoever lies in the mud,

Both in the body and in the mind.

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Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

Seventy-eight seniors graduated today and are about to embark on diverse paths that will open new doors and limitless possibilities. Students celebrated this passage with two eloquent speeches given by graduating seniors Carolina Beccari and Danilo Cressman. Our guest speaker this year, Kawinzi Muiu, Director of Gender at the World Food Programme, delivered one of the most memorable speeches St. Stephen’s has heard in years. In her uplifting remarks, she encouraged the class of 2017 to meet life’s challenges with bravery, freedom and power, referring to them as “young lions” who will go out into the world to inspire, to find solutions and to continue learning so that they will not only be responsible global citizens, but will be resources for themselves, their families and for their nations. “Use your power,” she said, “to shape the world for the common good.” And as this day comes to a close, we hope that the next chapter of our students’ young lives will continue to be filled with passion and curiosity for learning, discovery and exploration. May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face. And may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.


This year the School provided families with a package of three photos. Additional photos will be available for viewing online on Monday. Our traditional video of the entire event will also be sent to households along with a five-minute trailer. As we did last year, today’s graduation ceremonies were streamed live on Facebook and you can rewatch the feed by clicking here or by cutting and pasting the following link ( 


In addition to the envelope of complimentary photos, you may purchase other photos from our end-of-year school events from the following website:


  • Click Eventi in the upper left hand corner and go to St Stephen's School.
  • The password is graduation


You may send an email to indicating which photos you are interested in purchasing.


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IB Evening for 10th Graders and Parents - Wednesday, March 8th at 6:30PM

Parents and sophomores are invited to attend the IB Evening on Wednesday, March 8th at 6:30pm in the Auditorium. 


This is a special opportunity to learn about the aims and educational philosophy of the programme, receive information about diploma subjects and options offered at St STephen's, hear about the syllabi, the role of CAS, TOK and the Extended Essay and also learn more about college admissions in Italy, the US, the UK and around the world. 


Refreshments will be served during an informa Q & A period with the IB faculty after the presentation. 

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