SSS Soccer Teams Head to the Mediterranean Cup VIII, November 3-5

That's right! The Mediterranean Cup, in its eighth year, is one of the most popular competitive sports competitions in the region. Over twenty-four countries are represented and international schools come from throughout Europe to participate. 


Students and coaches head out on November 2nd and let's wish them luck!

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Boarding at St. Stephen's Opens a World of Possibilities

A boarding program nestled within an international day school...

St. Stephen’s is the only co-educational, international boarding program in the centre of Rome with facilities for grades 9 through 12.  Fully integrated with our day school, boarding offers a stimulating and culturally diverse environment that cultivates respect, trust, and self-reliance, along with the pursuit of academic excellence.


Boarding Transforms Students Through Its Intensity, Intimacy, and Integrity

With just forty boarders, our vibrant, close-knit community is based on the core principle of family living where each student benefits from tailored, individualized attention. The student-boarding faculty ratio of 4:1 supports students as they come into their own both academically and personally. The sum of these essential elements makes the boarding experience not only fun but transformative.

The diversity of both the student body and the faculty supports a sense of global citizenship

Boarders interested in experiencing Italy’s greatest national passion will flock to soccer games at the Stadio Olimpico. Film enthusiasts can take in movies English and Italian. Drama lovers can visit Rome’s many theatres to see works in various languages. The growing gallery scene and two contemporary art museums (MAXII and Macro) have recently put Rome on the map as a place to see contemporary art.


Regular events for all boarders include a BBQ on the terrace, an evening of games in the dining hall, brownie-baking in a faculty kitchen, soccer on the school’s grounds, or movie night in the lounge.


Students create a sense of home as part of their passage into adulthood

Students are encouraged to take responsibility not only for themselves but for each other. Each year, prefects develop and implement a program of activities for new students, and provide support to all members of the community, across all domains – from the academic to the practical, to the personal.


Rome’s Cultural Wonders Are Everywhere

In addition to their forays throughout the city for regular field trips with their classes, boarders explore this city of infinite layers in small groups. They visit archaeological ruins, catacombs, the omnipresent fountains, and the richly varied museums. Often these excursions are led by faculty or student experts in the field.


Interested in finding out more about our Boarding Program? Contact our Boarding Admissions Recruiter Jennifer Walbridge at



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Why We Take Trips

As Head of School, I often say to the students that it would be far easier to lead a school without trips.  They are complex, expensive, and require a great deal of effort.  However, trips are essential to the identity of St. Stephen’s and have been from the school’s inception.  


Trips allow mixing with students with whom they don’t usually interact.  Leadership opportunities implicit in any trip, and trip leaders know how to encourage students to seize those moments.  As adults, we know that trips engage other parts of ourselves — our imagination, our awe, the joy of discovery, our place in nature.


And trips force us to view the world anew, often from the vantage point of someone quite different from ourselves.  We may learn or hone a new skill — scuba diving, or oration, or drawing the human figure.  We’ve even had students choose their university major based on the experience of a school trip.  Trips change the way we perceive the world, and therein lies their power.

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