Performing arts at St. Stephen’s are represented by our Dance, Drama, and Music Departments. Our teachers, who are also professional performers, encourage students to develop their abilities and unleash their talent. Students acquire fundamental tools to explore and connect new ideas and gain practical applications for the classroom and beyond.

Fostering creativity and innovation, performing arts give students a chance to experiment and expand their imagination while learning new skills. Our interactive program stimulates an appreciation for art in its many forms and provides a new lens through which students observe their immediate environment, as well as the world around them.


Composer-pianist Richard Trythall enhances students’ musical appreciation by engaging them in a range of vocal and instrumental ensembles that respond to contemporary musical tastes while also exploring music from a wide range of eras and traditions.


Led by professional choreographer and dancer Roberta Garrison, dance at St. Stephen’s underscores the importance of making students versatile, abstract and original thinkers, as well as performers in their own right. Students are encouraged to choreograph as well as to learn pieces choreographed by others.


Students are challenged to reach their potential through self-expression and imagination. Directed by professional actress and director Sandra Provost, the rigorous theatre program reinforces students’ confidence, boosting memory and the ability to articulate ideas.

Creative Writing

A Creative Writing class is also offered at St. Stephen's and taught by professional author Moira Egan. It is structured on the traditional workshop model, in which students bring in their own creative pieces for discussion among peers and the teacher. Contemporary and canonical works of poetry and fiction are also used as models for the students’ own writing. The class covers poetic strategies including rhyme, meter, metaphor, sonic effects, and imagery; introduction to poetic forms such as sonnet, villanelle, sestina, syllabics, etc.; introduction to fiction, featuring elements such as character, plot, setting, structure, voice, as well as step‐by‐step story writing. At the end of term, students compile a portfolio or chapbook of their own writing, and participate in readings or collaborative performances with other disciplines from the Arts Department.

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