Pope-Ullman Scholarship Fund

The Pope-Ullman Scholarship Fund for trips was created to honor Helen Pope and Jack Ullman for their enormous contributions to the trip program over the years. The gift was donated by a generous St. Stephen's family in honor of the Stephen's 50th Anniversary and is designed to give every student the opportunity to participate in the spring and summer trip program. 

The Scholarship Fund was established by Eugenie, Sarah'95 and Valerie '99 Maine through a gift from the Ruth and Hal Launders Charitable Trust.  In addition to Sarah and Valerie being alumnae of St. Stephen's, their mother, Eugenie, served on the Board of Trustees during their time at the School. Sarah explains "while Valeria and I were students at St. Stephen's we both witnessed fellow students who were unable to go on trips due to financial constraints. The school trips were very valuable to us and are something we would like to encourage and support at the school. We think that this fund would open up great opportunities to students."
If you have already supported the fund, we thank you for your generous participation. If you are interested in contributing, please email our Director of Development, Allison Kemmis Price at for more information.