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Reopening St. Stephen's

The coronavirus pandemic necessitates a new approach to teaching and learning at St. Stephen’s. Our approach is based on these principles:

  • honoring our core values: care, integrity, creativity, independence, and scholarship
  • prioritizing student, employee, and family well-being
  • emphasizing personal responsibility

We have spent much of the spring and early summer making plans for re-opening. We have consulted numerous organizations, including the Council of International Schools, The Association of Boarding Schools, the Mediterranean Association of International Schools, the National Association of Independent Schools, and, locally, the Rome International Schools’ Association. We have also formed a Medical Advisory Team, composed of four doctors here in Rome, two of whom are epidemiologists. Based on this extensive consultation, we can now share plans for reopening, which are in full compliance with the Italian decree.

Please check this page periodically for updates, which will be added in bold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contacts at St. Stephen's


Deborah Dostert, Assistant Head for Academic Affairs


Alex Wreth, Assistant Head for Teaching & Learning


Mike Mottola, Head of Boarding


Viktorija Podagelyete, Dean of Students