We believe that the structure provided by our school and dorm policies give students a frame of reference when transitioning from home to the boarding environment.

The standards and guidelines we uphold are in place for the following reasons:

  • to help students learn to make choices that will have a positive effect on their lives;
  • to ensure their own safety and the smooth running of community life;
  • to nurture a collegial and supportive school atmosphere.

As students mature and grow through the choices and decisions they make each day, we understand that they will make mistakes. We believe that clear expectations and consequences promote good decision-making and help students develop integrity.



St. Stephen’s students represent not just themselves, but a community that upholds a certain code of conduct both within the school’s gates and beyond. It is important that all students carry themselves with pride and dignity to reflect the core values of the school they represent. As such, we expect our students to refrain from all illicit, unhealthy and counterproductive activity. An essential part of sustaining a vibrant and healthy community at St. Stephen’s is promoting a drug, alcohol and tobacco-free environment.


The school takes its responsibility to maintain a safe setting for its boarders very seriously. We value the health and well-being of our residents, and therefore do not allow any conduct that jeopardizes personal or community safety. We encourage and expect our students to abide by all of our safety rules at St. Stephen's

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