At St. Stephen's Boarding School, we help students maintain a positive, healthy outlook as well as optimal health. The boarding faculty work together with school counselors and the school nurse to support each boarder's well-being throughout the year.

Our wellness and emotional support program for boarders is delivered by two professional consultant counselors who are available to meet with boarders individually once a week and/or in regular group sessions. The meetings focus on a variety of topics relating to adolescence and community life.


The School nurse is present every morning during the week and on call after working hours and weekends. We work closely with parents to ensure sound medical care, so upon admission to the school, parents are required to submit medical information in the form of an up-to-date health record. The nurse will also arrange necessary medical treatments for boarding students such as visits to orthodontists, opticians, and other specialists. In the event of a medical emergency, students are taken to the nearest Pronto Soccorso (emergency room) at a local hospital. If a doctor needs to be consulted in a non-emergency situation, an English-speaking physician is on call.


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