Established by the Rev. John O. Patterson, former Headmaster of the Kent School in Connecticut, to epitomize the best elements of a classical liberal arts education, St. Stephen's opened for classes in 1964 and the first seniors graduated in 1966.

Its founder chose Rome as the site because he believed the city to be "the symbol and repository of the enduring ethical, cultural and religious values of the West", as well as "one of the most cosmopolitan international crossroads of the modern world."

The school's first location was the Villa S. Valentino, in the Parioli area. St. Stephen's remained there for six years and then moved to the Appian way in 1970. The school relocated to its present site on the 'little' Aventine hill in 1972, where it inhabits an ex-convent located on a site of a temple that was once dedicated to the Roman goddess, Bona Dea.

In 1975, St. Stephen's became the first school in Italy to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Two years later, it celebrated its first two IB Diploma graduates. One of the first schools in Europe to adopt the International Baccalaureate, our IB program now has a senior cohort of over 70 DP candidates, a 100% pass rate and an average diploma score of 35 points.

While growing rapidly, and increasing its commitment to the local and international communities in Rome, as well as US citizens abroad, the founders' dream of "a school whose reason for being would be a quest for excellence, for developing the maturity and wholeness of each member of the community, and maintaining the highest standards in all areas and all levels" remains vibrant and alive today. Rome's incomparable historical and artistic traditions are the backdrop against which the school has become increasingly informed by a global vision and a commitment to service and world citizenship.

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