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Apr 6, 2017

You still have a chance to see the Drama Department's The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Directed by Sandra Provost, the play is a first-class production of the highest quality. It is a truly amazing and spectacular event that you will not want to miss.

The cast includes

Betty – Serena Bosco

Tituba – Sophia Bare

Hale - Yi Chen

Danforth - Kiran Mcdonald

Mercy - Lucie Dumont

Mary Warren (Wed and Fri) - Laura Ferri

Ann Putnam - Nya Gnaegi

Thomas Putnam - Nikos Kouros

Abigail - Zeruela K. (Wed. Fri)

Mary Warren (Tues. Thurs.) - Buki Macpherson

Elizabeth Proctor - Pihla

John Proctor - Christian R.

Giles Corey - Stefano Scotto

Abigail - (Thurs. Sat.) - Eilidh Taylor

Rebecca Nurse - Camille Bettlink

Parris - Laith Zehni

In the words of our Head of School Eric Mayer:

"Like you, I celebrate all student art. Our current production of The Crucible is special, though, not just for the quality of the acting, but also for the timeliness of the message. In an era in which truth is increasingly manipulated, and personal integrity seems in shorter supply, the play is a powerful demonstration of those who refuse to compromise truth. Upon hearing the last line of the play, I began to cry. I commend the play to you, running the next two nights."