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Mar 24, 2017

The Theatre of Dionysus, Parthenon, Greek and Roman Agora, Kerameikos, Plato's Academy, Greek Orthodox churches, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Aristotle's Lyceum and the National Archaeological Museum.

These are the places our three Classical Greek students Claire, Kiran and Nicolò visited with their teachers Dr Pope and Ms Weustink this past weekend. They also found the time to have breakfast in a Greek yoghurt bar, eat one or two pita wraps for lunch and have dinner in Plaka. The most memorable moment was our visit to Artistotle's Lyceum (see photo), an archaeological site excavated in 1996 and recently (2014) opened to the public. Since the St Stephen's Lyceum, our own Institute of Roman Culture, enabled these students and teachers to go on this trip, they of course took the opportunity to visit the Lyceum, the gymnasium founded by Aristotle in 335 BC in a part of Athens that must have been green and idyllic at the time, not far from the temple dedicated to Apollo Lykeios (the wolf god). It was exciting to walk where Aristotle once walked with his students discussing topics ranging from aesthetics, biology, ethics, logic, metaphysics, politics and rhetoric. He created a modern scientific method for all these fields of study. It was the highlight of our visit to Athens to walk where Aristotle made everlasting contributions to every aspect of human knowledge in the West.