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May 30, 2019

Teatro San Genesio | 15.06.19 – 01.07.19
Opening 15.06.19 | 20.00 - 22.30

Victims of war, of continual armed violence, of poverty, of disease, of greed and of exploitation by those who want to use them as child soldiers or miners in the lucrative mineral mines, the children of eastern Congo have seen and experienced horrors unimaginable to most of us.

This exhibition will tell the story of one small community of such children, through photographs, text and drawings. It will tell a story of courage, dedication, commitment and hope, despite the atrocities the children have suffered and the dangers of the environment in which they live. It will tell the story of a courageous young woman, Passy Mahano, who gave up her studies to gather together these vulnerable children in her village and to give them a new life – a home, an education, and a chance for a future.

These stories are told and shared with the purpose of documenting, raising awareness and fostering the project Passy’s Kids. The exhibition is possible thanks to the kind support of the Charity Fondazione Cariello Corbino.


Passy’s Kids: About the Team

The team behind the project Passy’s Kids are a group of people who have all visited eastern Congo and seen the horrendous situation there. Inspired by the courage and commitment of Passy Mahano, they made the decision to help her provide a safe and happy childhood for the children she looks after, and opportunities for a better future. They are a sub-branch of the Italian Charity Fondazione Cariello Corbino.


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The 7th edition of the Vitala Festival is proud to host this meaningful exhibition and event. Organized by Fabiana De Rose in collaboration with Teatro San Genesio, the Vitala Festival promotes a variety of philanthropic events, featuring mainly live music and visual arts, running every edition from September to June.


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FREE ADMISSION - THE EXHIBITION WILL BE RUNNING until 1 July 2019 and may be visited in the afternoon (17.00-20.00), by appointment or during the next scheduled events at Teatro San Genesio.

INFO: 347-8248661; - Press Office –

Chiara Bencivenga