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May 9, 2019

We are pleased to announce the four winning pieces from the St. Stephen’s Travel Writing Contest.

All of the pieces were composed in Moira Egan’s Creative Writing class, in response to the now-traditional “Spring Trip Travel Writing” assignment. Congratulations are due to Marco Ventura, grade 9, Laura Rizzo, grade 11, Sofia Peng, grade 9 and Isabella Todini, grade 11. We are sure that you will enjoy reading their fine work in the next issue of The Cortile, online next week.

A Note about Creative Writing at St. Stephen’s and Classes with Moira Egan

Senior Cristina Rizzo is the first-ever St. Stephen's student to have completed eight full semesters of Creative Writing! Along the way, she has won the Keats-Shelley Poetry Prize, numerous Scholastic Arts & Writing Silver Keys and Honorable Mentions, and the SSS Arts Department Creative Writing Award. Her work has been published in The Cortile, Wanted in Rome, and Ink.