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Dec 1, 2021

Three of Nina Eaton's paintings done in homage to John Keats in this year of the anniversary of his death are available in auction at the following site:
The paintings had been exhibited last Spring at the St Stephens’ Cultural Center virtual gallery show and poetry reading. 
The auction, held by Gutenberg al Colosseo, begins its section on painting on the fourth of December, 2021, offering paintings from the 19th through 21st centuries at very interesting starting prices. The gallery itself is located near the Colosseum where an even greater range of paintings, antique books, objects, and furniture, as well as prints and contemporary photographs, can be seen. A refurbished pharmacy from 1810, Gutenberg al Colosseo is one of Rome’s most charming locales...perfect for collectors or to find unique Christmas gifts. 
The auction starts on 4 December at 14:00 and ends on 15 December at 19:00.