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Nov 12, 2021

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A watercolor series that documents a month during the 3-month lockdown in the spring of 2020. Freedom to move around halted, feelings and emotions heightened, digital connections were a norm, flowers bloomed and re-bloomed while the virus spread worldwide. Time simultaneously slowed down and sped up. From my windows, I noticed people I have never seen, heard music, and conversations where there was silence before.
Some watercolors were painted in a looser style while others I wanted a more washed-out blurry feeling depending on the day. Some panels are left without any watercolors, just the midnight wood panel that represented a day of sadness, and hence no productive artwork was created.  
The series is in no particular order except for the first one that I painted, on the far upper left corner (a view from my studio window) to the last one on the far bottom right (the morning sun shining on my bed).  
We will never see the world the same way but in darkness, there is always light.