The trip program at St. Stephen’s is an integral part of the curriculum and a cherished tradition of the school that spans its nearly fifty-year history.

Embedded in the core principles of the school’s philosophy is the idea that travel inspires a more profound sense of cultural awareness, deeper intellectual and personal growth, and development of healthy curiosity in every student. Trips are seen as an appropriate complement to fulfilling a student’s educational experience.


Trips are organized twice a year. The first excursion, the cost of which is included in tuition, is a three-day trip in-country to nearby regions in Italy.


The second trip is for a full week in early March and offers ample opportunity to our adventurous trip leaders to design tours where the distant regions of what was once the Roman Empire, and beyond, are explored.


Recent trips have included: France, Spain, Austria, Greece, Morocco, Senegal, Jordan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Iceland, Denmark, and Naples, Florida.

Past Trips

Molise 2015

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