"In all science, error precedes the truth, and it is better it should go first than last." — Hugh Walpole

Science at St. Stephen’s develops students’ aptitude to analyze and observe, to spot trends and patterns, and to maintain a willingness to re-evaluate and challenge established ideas. Courses are designed to expose students to a wide range of approaches and ways of thinking, as well as enhance their abilities to methodologically investigate and critically analyze outcomes while learning to report their conclusions.


St. Stephen’s provides a solid foundation in all areas of science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Systems and Societies, and students are prepared for a world that is continually changing and advancing in the areas of medicine, technology, and biochemical engineering.


The science curriculum offers students a variety of opportunities to engage with the world around them: in the classroom, in the laboratory, and through field work.


Science at St. Stephen's:

  • fosters critical thinking and inquiry skills
  • allows students to engage in individualized scientific research and design their own laboratory investigations
  • promotes an appreciation of the principles of science in an increasingly scientific and technological society
  • provides an understanding of how to work successfully and safely in a laboratory setting, using a wide variety of laboratory equipment, data logging apparatus, and analytical techniques
  • teaches students how to collect, process, and present scientific data and effectively develop hypotheses, research questions, and written laboratory work

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